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Food Icons on Twitter Slideshow

Food Icons on Twitter Slideshow

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Critics, chefs, and food celebrities are all on Twitter so why not companies' commercial food icons?

Chicken of the Sea

"Just your average rockin’ Mermaid, trying to make my way through meal time. I‘ve got recipes, cool tips, and some terrible tuna jokes." Chicken of the Sea's mermaid tweets frequently on subjects as far-ranging as Bradley Cooper and "Mermaid Breakfast Strudel."

Followers: 1,324

Handle: @COSMermaid

Aunt Jemima

There's no prominent Twitter link from the Aunt Jemima web site to the Twitter account bearing her image. And claims on the account that the icon is married to Uncle Ben make you think it unlikely to be the real deal. Still, this profile, described concisely as "Breakfast maker," has been on Twitter for a while with more than 1,000 tweets.

Followers: 139

Handle: @Aunt__Jemima

StarKist Charlie

He's pretty corporate, dealing with customer concerns and the company's advertising image, with none of the charm and personality of the StarKist Charlie of yesteryear, but he seems to be legit. Sorry Charlie, you used to be more fun.

Followers: 495

Handle: @StarKistCharlie

Pillsbury Doughboy

The Pillsbury Doughboy is the face on this Twitter account, but Emily and Cate are noted as the team behind the tweets — recipes, tips, and other cooking advice.

Followers: 21,000

Handle: @Pillsbury

Green Giant

As long as there are frequent refrains of, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" and there's no sign of that freaky Green Giant seen in the old-school commercials, you figure you have to be an angry person if you're hating on anything going on at the Green Giant Twitter account.

Followers: 1.258

Handle: @GreenGiant

Elsie the Cow

Elsie seems to be out of the game since 2009 when she noted milk holidays and offered quizzes but she still has a chunk of followers.

Followers: 645

Handle: @elsieborden

Mrs. Butterworth's

She may only have tweeted about 580 times, but Mrs. Butterworth has a pretty strong following. Why not? As her profile says, she's "So thick. So rich. And still just as sweet!" What does Mrs. Butterworth talk about? Advocating breakfast for dinner and fielding compliments mostly.

Followers: 1,996

Handle: @MrsButterworths

Cap'n Crunch

The Cap'n doesn't seem to have quite the adventuring lifestyle he supposedly used to ("Famous Cap'n, Adventurer, Breakfast connoisseur formerly lost at sea and glad to be found"). Following him on Twitter means hearing him well-wish people on tests, talk about fixing up his boat, and asking if he should dye his hair. But he may very well have more followers than you!

Followers: 2,254

Handle: @RealCapnCrunch

Nestle Nesquik Bunny

Did you know that the Nesquik rabbit's name is Kevin? OK, at least that's the name of whoever is in charge of the Nesquik Bunny's Twitter account. Followers are privy to exclamations like, "Boom goes the chocolatey goodness!" and giving advice to Conan O'Brien about how to deal with getting chocolate milk out of an iPad.

Followers: 4,513

Handle: @NestleNesquik

Jack Box

With Ronald McDonald under attack, and Burger King's King about to be retired, it may be time for Jack to make his move. The self-described "Ruler of the Fast Food World" has more personality cache than anyone else on this list. Some musings include what animal he'd be ("the cracker") and the fact that there are male ladybugs.

Followers: 20,868

Handle: @jackbox

KFC Colonel

The Colonel is the man — he's the second-most followed character on this list. KFC's Colonel has tweeted more than 3,500 times and riffs on sports, music, and all things KFC.

Followers: 35,747

Handle: @KFCColonel

Ms. Green M&M'S®

"I melt for no one," read Ms. Green's Twitter tagline. That may be so, and she seems to have quite the lifestyle, as one recent tweet indicates: "Paris, boots, being VIP, my new book, baking, heels, handbags, cell phone, travel, limos, parties, texting & shopping!"

Followers: 60,047

Handle: @mmsgreen

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