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Chestnut jam recipe from of 18-10-2018 [Updated on 18-10-2018]

There Chestnut jam it is an autumn classic and preparing it at home is really very simple. Choose beautiful large chestnuts or marroni and let yourself be delighted by the scent and flavor of this fantastic jam. Suitable both to spread on rusks, and to accompany cheeses, the chestnut jam will conquer you. I prepared it for my grandmother, she is crazy about chestnuts and was very happy when I gave her my jars of homemade jam. I'm leaving again, I'm going to Rome to participate in the recording of an episode of a television program shhhh;) So I'll leave you with the recipe and run away, kisses: *


How to make chestnut jam

Cut the chestnuts with a knife, rinse them under running water, boil them in plenty of water for about 40 minutes,

Peel them while still hot then transfer them to a mixer and blend them.

Transfer the chestnuts to a saucepan, add the water, rum, vanilla and sugar and cook for about 20 minutes.
Then blend with a blender until you get a homogeneous cream.

Pour the compote into the sterilized glass jars. Then turn it upside down and wait for it to cool completely before placing the jars in the pantry.

Cooking recipes

Chestnut recipes
The chestnut polenta. The marronata (chestnut jam). They are normal crêpes (prepared with 300 g of chestnut flour, 3 tablespoons of oil,. Wrap with thin slices of lard and tie with kitchen twine. Details

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Chestnut jam - Jam section of, list of recipes to prepare genuine products at home e. WWW.RICETTEDI.IT - catalog of cooking recipes. optional a glass of rum for every 3 kg of chestnuts. details

Chestnut or chestnut jam.
Jam, chestnut or chestnut cream: how to do it. . Encyclopedia of foods, foods, ingredients and wines from Italy and the world, on the table and for health, recipes and curiosities. . 3- Pass them through a sieve or vegetable mill to obtain a puree. . Cooking school See: & quotBooks on: cooking school & quot. details

Tart with chestnut jam
4 Nov 2010. The tart with chestnut jam is my absolute favorite. With this recipe I take part in the Flavors of Autumn harvest: the chestnuts from the blog Farina, yeast and fantasy. Come and have a little cooking chat with us? . Decorated cakes (3) All recipes (58) Various (9). details

Chestnut jam . Jam recipes, liqueur recipes.
Ingredients for 500 gr. of jam: 400 gr. of chestnut pulp. Make & quot Click here & quot for all the other cooking recipes photographed, quick and easy to use. details

Chestnut, Cocoa and Rum jam

Today I present this delicious Chestnut jam, enriched and made even more delicious by the addition of cocoa powder e rum. It is a real treat, which can be used in various sweet preparations, such as pies, cakes, biscuits, stuffed sweets, etc.

1 kg of already cleaned chestnuts

500 g of granulated sugar

40 g of unsweetened cocoa powder

Peel the chestnuts, removing them from the outer peel, then put them in a pot, covering them abundantly with water.

Bring to a boil: after 15 minutes of cooking, drain the chestnuts and remove the second peel (that thin brown layer that covers the chestnuts). This operation is necessary to remove this thin casing more easily, otherwise it would be more complex to remove it from raw chestnuts.

Once this is done, put them back in a pot with 500 ml of water and boil again over moderate heat, until they are cooked.

Drain the chestnuts and pass them through a vegetable mill.

Once this other operation is finished, put the chestnuts back in a pot, add the sugar, the unsweetened cocoa powder and cook slowly, stirring constantly, until everything thickens.

Once the jam has been removed from the heat, add the rum and mix again, so that it blends well with the jam.

Put the chestnut jam in well-sterilized airtight glass jars, covering the surface with a little sugar, in order to keep the jam longer.

Close the jars with their respective lids and store them in a cool, dry and dark place: and our preserve is ready.

Like all jams and marmalades, once opened, the chestnut jam must be kept in the refrigerator.

Are you a lover of chestnuts and want to discover new ideas for cooking them or using them in desserts? Take a look at my Recipes with Chestnuts section.

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Chestnut jam, to preserve all the sweetness of autumn

by La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana Editing

How to prepare an autumn-flavored cream at home: here is the recipe for chestnut jam

There chestnut jam, also called chestnut or marroni jam, it is a really greedy cream, so good that you just need to spread it on a slice of bread to enjoy it to the full. Not only that: it can also be used in the preparation of others sweets or used for stuffing cakes. The recipe is easy and will allow you to preserve this precious autumn ingredient for a long time.

Homemade chestnut jam: recipe

To prepare this cream it is necessary to purée the browns. Let's move on to the recipe to find out how!


1.5 kg chestnuts
sugar (1/3 of the weight of cooked chestnuts)
water (1/3 of the weight of sugar)


Wash the chestnuts well and cut them with a sharp knife. Put them in a large pot, cover them with water and cook for 35-40 minutes starting from boiling. Turn off the heat and let the boiled chestnuts cool in their water for about 10 minutes, drain and peel them carefully.

At this point you can proceed in two ways: pass the chestnuts with a vegetable mill, thus obtaining a more rustic and dense result if you like one instead very smooth and homogeneous cream, blend them with the help of a mixer.

Before proceeding, weigh the chestnut cream obtained. Pour 1/3 of the weight of the chestnut cream and water for 1/3 of the weight of the sugar into a saucepan. For example, if the weight of the cooked chestnut cream is 1 kg, you will need to put about 330 g of sugar and about 110 ml of water in the pot.

Turn the heat on to the lowest power and caramelize it: when the water has evaporated, add the chestnut cream. Cook the chestnut jam for 30 minutes, then pour it into sterilized glass jars with the help of a ladle.
Turn the jars upside down to create a vacuum seal and let them cool before storing in the pantry. Store in a cool, dry place away from sources of heat and light. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 2-3 days.

You can give an aromatic touch to your jam by combining the seeds of the berry vanilla to the syrup of water and sugar, or by adding a small glass of rum 10 minutes from the end of cooking. You want to prepare some kind of jam chestnuts and chocolate? Add a few tablespoons of cocoa at the end of cooking and you will not regret it.

Chestnut jam: how to use it

Chestnut jam is perfect for one Breakfast or one snack genuine, simply spread on one slice of toast. This cream is also perfect for filling cakes, Biscuits, puff pastry rolls, Pancake or to prepare delicious tarts. And why not combine it with cheeses? The sweet taste of the jam will go perfectly with the more seasoned ones!


It is possible to make an even more special and above all original chestnut jam by boiling and peeling 500 g of chestnuts and then putting them back on the fire with a glass of whole milk for about twenty minutes.
After that you have to blend them and add some caramel prepared with 150 g of brown sugar and a spoon and a half of natural water.
At the end all that remains is to put everything back on the fire, add a little rum and bring to a boil.
As soon as the jam thickens well, it is ready.
Transfer into sterilized glass jars, replace the lids, turn the jars upside down and wait for the contents to cool.

At the table with Mammazan

Leave to rest for a few hours. even a whole night ..
The sugar will thus be able to penetrate the chestnuts.


I too am forced to buy chestnuts and unfortunately I no longer make jam with them but I eat them roasted
before they gave them to me but now also to the town, Petina, the chestnut trees have fallen ill and there are no more fruits!
your jam looks super greedy, good!

I've never made chestnut jam but I guess it's very good. I was given some chestnuts and I had a tremendous effort to peel them. Some then I made a roll, some ate and what was left I cooked in the oven, peeled and then put in the freezer, something good still to be invented. Good your jam! I usually buy when I feel like eating if they are at a good enough price!

I didn't know chestnut jam existed! You learn a lot of new things :)

Mammazan I love chestnuts !! Delightful !!
A kisses!

I made it, your jam, with your recipe, and I confirm everything you said! I add that it is addictive!

Chestnut jam - Recipes

Chestnut jam
the use of Logicerrima

- Large pot. A.
- Stainless steel pot (bottom 1 cm high). A.
- Colander. One.
- Food processor (food processor / grater / blender / coffee grinder). One.
- Sieve (or strainer). One.
- Knife / pocket knife. One.
- Wooden spoon. One.
- Sterilized glass jars. Two or three of 250ml (& # 177350g).

INGREDIENTS (for less than a kilo of jam):
- Chestnuts (weighed already boiled, peeled and sieved). 500g.
- Sugar (homemade vanilla). 500g.
- Waterfall. 200ml.
- Rum. A teaspoon.

First of all (even the previous day !!) I boil the fresh chestnuts in abundant lightly salted water for 40 minutes, then drain them and let them cool / cool.
Therefore - Hard work! ) - I cut them in half and peel them /empty eliminating all the cuticles as best as possible .. then I blend them and / or pass them through a sieve obtaining a sort of Flour..
So I weigh these chestnuts boil and puree..
and to make the Jam I calculate the same weight of Vanilla Sugar, and also a teaspoon of Rum and 200ml of Water for every 500g of Sugar from cook.

Well ..
made all the right proportions of the ingredients (based on the weight of the cooked chestnuts I have available) ..
I arrange the Sugar (homemade vanilla with vanilla pod / vanilla bean) in the stainless steel pot with a centimeter thick bottom .. every half a kilo of Sugar, as mentioned above, I add 200ml of water and let it melt [Photo 1] and cook for about ten minutes over moderate heat .. So I pour it into the pot Flour of boiled chestnuts [2] And..

..mix well by soaking and homogenizing the chestnut mixture with the sugar syrup [3], finally add a teaspoon of Rum and cook for half an hour, stirring often and willingly [4] until a rather dense and compact consistency is obtained [5]: the initial weight of all ingredients (1200g) is reduced by about 20% (& # 177960g) ..

At this point I fill the sterilized jars with hot jam, cover them and leave them upside down for at least 10 minutes, sooner or later the cap makes clack! and so Street! to rest in the pantry for at least a month before consuming.

So be it
in a month, appointment
for a delicious spread on a toast ..,))

Calculation of Kcal :
(always rounded up or neglected if irrelevant)

Boiled chestnuts 120 kcal / 100g (500g = about 600 kcal)
Sugar 400 kcal / 100g (500g = 2000 kcal approximately)
Rum / Rhum 280 kcal / 100ml (- alcohol evaporates in cooking.)

TOTAL Calories of ALL ingredients: 2600 kcal.
Total weight of the cooked product: about 960 grams (80% of the original weight).

At the table with Mammazan

I usually recycle used jars but it is wise to use new lids. .


how wonderful, Grace !! but the chestnuts they gave you last so many months? congratulations and happy day, dear0))

out of season but delicious, I love castegne in all their forms and declinations. and a kiss to the granddaughter.

hello grace! do you already find chestnuts ?! wowww .. cmq this jam tastes so much of gluttony .. it will be delicious. good, especially for the courage to have skinned a kg of chestnuts.

a few words about the granddaughter: enjoy it as much as you can, it is the most important thing right now for you and for her, she will carry this memory for a lifetime, my mom didn't do it, mom did little and even less my grandmother, and I had to quit my job to avoid clueless babysitters.
Chestnut jam is one of my favorites, but it's a torture to make it, boil, peel the chestnuts, it's a very long job, I also have a very particular recipe, which I don't see around, it comes from the IGP chestnut mountain, I'll try . kisses dearest

you do well to dedicate yourself to the little one, these are beautiful, priceless and unforgettable moments.
P.s .: I hug you tightly and I hope to be able to call you soon!
And the heroic jam is excellent.

Hi dear
definitely devoted to sacrifice. More than me who am removing the stones from the grapes one by one. Grrr.
kisses to the little one and a hug to super-grandmother !!

Chestnut jam is my absolute favorite.
Yours is splendid, I would dive on it like fish with all those beautiful pieces of chestnuts.
For now, I'll just take it and try it in due course.
A big kiss and thanks

Dearest Grace, you don't have to apologize, you are a super grandmother and a beautiful person, it is a pleasure to come here to visit you and see your delights! This chestnut jam is delicious, soon I want to make it too, sign your recipe! :) A big kiss to you and your granddaughter!

Wise this quote about friendship !!
And the jam is delicious !! just what it takes on rusks in the morning)
kiss Kiss

it's time for breakfast and I would gladly eat it! Have a good weekend, Laura

Excellent, tasty, much loved by children, this jam! the autumn season is coming and therefore the raw material will also be available, to get to work! a warm greeting

For me too, time is a real worry. You imagine that in the office we went from four to one (me!) And certainly not due to a decrease in work. I'll just let you imagine my day. I occasionally manage to visit a little here and a little there only during my lunch break, during train journeys or in the evening. But I am often too tired to even breathe.
Of course your days are too much fun with your granddaughter. I guess it's a real relief to know that they can work knowing that she is in very good hands.
I have never tasted (and I think I have never even seen it around) chestnut jam. Great!
A hug.

ok! returned to the base and entered all the recipes in the competition!
Tuesday 4 September winner draw!
thanks for participating Grazia, see you soon!
big kisses

Calling it jam is an understatement, Grace! This is a real treat and I can't wait to try it! :-)

Chestnut jam - Recipes

Then I swear that I will cry with chestnuts, also because with the ones I have left I want to redo two things I did last year and they were very good, the ravioli stuffed with chestnuts and the truffles with cocoa.
It is a very common jam, which would be called jam but I like the word jam more, flavored with vanilla and coarse, in the sense that I chopped the chestnuts but not too much.
The rum would have been good but I didn't have it and I didn't want to buy it on purpose.
I used fructose for the simple reason that I had been hanging around since last year and I was tired of seeing it.

600 gr. of boiled, cleaned, chopped chestnuts
150 gr. fructose (if you replace it with sugar, keep in mind that fructose sweetens a little more)
100 gr of fair-trade brown sugar
1 teaspoon of organic vanilla powder
450 ml water

I cooked everything for an hour, stirring occasionally. That's all.

Posted by stelladisale at 2:41 PM & # 160


Bye! think a little, given my state of "sweet expectation" for which I have to be careful about what I eat, I just thought. "surely on the blog of stella di sale I find some suitable recipe" I come to you and. you just posted :-))) good, good this jam.

Instead, continue with chestnuts.
This is a delight.

I see that I was not the only one to have the pleasure of cleaning chestnuts, but I am in good company :)

Stellina, I see that you really like chestnuts!

Tell me instead, how do you use the jam? Is there a particular combination to try?

Go ahead and chestnuts are so good. I also copy the recipe for truffles! Night

For me you could go on forever .. I love chestnuts.

bye! don't worry: we love chestnuts, so everything you propose. we mark it !! then this jam looks very good !!
kiss Kiss

bye! hello to all thanks for stopping by, I'm glad you won't get bored with boiled chestnuts :-)
for the combinations I (who do not love sweets) is jam I can only imagine it eaten as it is, on a slice of bread or at least if you are a sweet tooth between two shortcrust biscuits.
good kisses we

Well stealla, and you want the next time I'll come there and buy up your delicacies!)
Big kisses

oh god I've never heard of this! and where you put the jam I don't know why but it gives me the idea of ​​little sweet!

As always perfect!
He knows

In the face of conciseness! ^ __ ^
And then why enough with chestnuts. they are buonisssssimissime!
Thanks for the gastronomic inspirations that I will never put into practice (unfortunately)

I love them :) I made the jam too a few days ago, but I made it with milk and caramelized sugar.
now I want to take a good look at your cake below.
happy weekend star!

sara, hello! I saw your jam, yummy! and I also like that of leeks and oranges, when it is in season I try to make it. good kisses we

good we also to all the others who had passed before :-)

It must be delicious in the morning spread on a nice slice of toast!
A kiss and good weekend

this is really good good good. a sharpness. better than chocolate cream!

but you are sure to finish the chestnut saga after ravioli and truffles. No, because even the ravioli sheet made with a part of past chestnuts is the end of the world. :)))

PS: I have yet to start, they are all still there, raw and whole waiting for me. :))

between, that's right! without many frills.
good weekend kisses to you too :-)

lo, definitely better than that industrial stuff that everyone seems to be addicted to :-)

foodulette, no, I'm not sure because I have a nice bag in the freezer already cooked and chopped :-) good job then :-)
the pastry of ravioli? but come on, then also some noodles, to the limit. with a nice mushroom sauce. :-)

why is that enough? it is the right time to talk about chestnuts.
Last year I also made ravioli with chestnut stuffing, then seasoned with pigeon ragout.
I love chestnuts.

no, don't plant it, these recipes are gorgeous! very good very good

Very good!! Aren't you going to sell me a jar? But does it taste like marronata?

thank you, have a nice day and a good week :-)
adrenaline, it resembles, perhaps compared to those you buy it is less sweet and tastes more like chestnuts.

chestnut jam .. once tasted it can no longer be done without! well a nice slice of freshly toasted bread a nice teaspoon full of chestnut jam and a glass of red wine like Lambrusco of the good one or barbera. hmmmmmm does a lot of snack on a late afternoon on an autumn Sunday with a nice fireplace lit some friends and a
game at Risiko.
see you soon Pippi

Certainly very good!
I'll try to combine it with my carrot cake.

that because of you, at the salon, I went back and forth like an idiot looking for a booklet of chestnut recipes. That you made me want to.
but now change the ingredient otherwise I get fat :-P

chestnut tagliatelle with mushroom sauce. look, I skipped lunch and just had a coffee. PEro 'this time I freeze more' of pure chestnuts in the natural :))

interesting this recipe! I wanted to try another one but it's a bit cumbersome, this one is simple and the result seems really good to me. and then those chestnut ravioli are really intriguing

Hi, you know where I have seen other recipes with chestnuts on they put chestnut flour tagliatelle but cabbage they don't explain how to make them, I know you have to buy them already made. or do any of you know how to do them? just buy chestnut flour and use the same procedure as when making egg pasta?

iris, in my opinion if they are made with chestnut flour just make normal egg noodles but with half white flour and half chestnuts, but they told me right here above that you can also put chestnut puree in the dough.

I tried making chestnut jam

"I TRIED to make jam, like roby.
But I didn't organize myself well, I had three hours available and they weren't enough to peel a kilo of chestnuts (first I soaked them, then removed them then put them back), I was so impatient that when I got to cooking I was already nervous !
And then I was wrong to mince them with the vegetable pass, because I have remained in dots. but why.

and last thing, I got the sugar / chestnut weight ratio wrong. I made the proportion that if for two kilos of chestnuts there is 1 kilo and 600 grams of sugar.

in short, I messed everything up. Saturday morning I would like to wake up and put myself there in holy patience to redo everything, I can not believe that I had to throw!

can you show me where I went wrong and how to fix it
thanks to all "

and add, sorry if I break

Your browser cannot view this video

what a job the chestnut jam!
I swear if I still want to. I let it through! or go to the super and buy it ready.

I state that I have not tasted mine yet but it looked good!
I have to check the consistency because it seemed a bit tough.

I calculated 600 grams of sugar for 1 kg of chestnuts.
so for your 2 kg you should have put 1.2 of sugar.

I have left the chestnuts specially a p lumpy. if you wanted a creamier effect you should have chopped them in the mixer.
and you probably have the lumps left because when you used the vegetable mill the chestnuts had cooled down!
same technique of puree! the potatoes should be mashed while still hot. otherwise they do not "pulp" well!

I put the chestnuts directly into the pressure cooker. and after cooking I kept them in hot water while I peeled them. if they get cold you can no longer remove the skin easily!

and whatever it is. it's a hard job!

maybe there is some expert in chestnut jam who can enlighten us on the most suitable technique.

Can't find your answer?

what a job the chestnut jam!
I swear if I still want to. I let it through! or go to the super and buy it ready.

I state that I have not tasted mine yet but it looked good!
I have to check the consistency because it seemed a bit tough.

I calculated 600 grams of sugar for 1 kg of chestnuts.
so for your 2 kg you should have put 1.2 of sugar.

I have left the chestnuts specially a p lumpy. if you wanted a creamier effect you should have chopped them in the mixer.
and you probably have the lumps left because when you used the vegetable mill the chestnuts had cooled down!
same technique of puree! the potatoes should be mashed while still hot. otherwise they do not "pulp" well!

I put the chestnuts directly into the pressure cooker. and after cooking I kept them in hot water while I peeled them. if they get cold you can no longer remove the skin easily!

and whatever it is. it's a hard job!

maybe there is some expert in chestnut jam who can enlighten us on the most suitable technique.

Hi roby
thanks for the resp in the meantime.
in the end I weighed (already peeled) 500 grams of chestnuts (and I didn't want to go further!), so how much sugar can there be?
I made the proportion, I had read the recipe on the internet.
2: 1.2 = 500: x
I have maybe I calculated 1.6
oh well, this is the first thing I could have done wrong.

then while I peeled the others they were soaked for the time of the chopper by now they were all cooled. I should do it all together then. Peach chestnut-peel-peel-mince. and so on.

Video: Chestnut: Hero of Central Park (August 2022).