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Bon Appétit Announces Best New Restaurants and More News

Bon Appétit Announces Best New Restaurants and More News

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In today's Media Mix, the rules of dating a chef, plus a beer vending machine for the lazy (or patient)

What are the best new restaurants of 2013?

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Best New Restaurants: The lists continue: Here, Bon Appétit picks the best new restaurants of 2013. Now we can no longer get reservations. [BA]

Rules for Dating a Chef: Bravo's new show Eat Drink Love debuted last night, and the five gals share the rules of dating a chef. Mostly, don't do it. [Eater]

Beer Vending Machine Makes You Wait: Another marketing gimmick with vending machines. This time, a beer machine that only pours a brew if you wait for three minutes. [CNET]

Colorado Grocery Stores Want Craft Beer: Or rather, craft beer fans want Colorado grocery stores to sell their favorite local brews. [KDVR]

Bon Appétit names Bon Appétit editor’s restaurant to Best New Restaurants list

Early fall means endless articles about plaid clothing and the myriad uses for apples and pumpkin spice —and also Bon Appétit’s annual list of the Best New Restaurants in America. This week the magazine announced its 50 nominees as a teaser for the final, definitive Hot Ten, scheduled to be revealed on September 17. It’s exciting for new restaurants to receive recognition on a national scale, especially since the BA editors make a point of leaving New York for on-the-ground eating in St. Louis and Nashville and Portland and Austin.

Carpenters Hall

The plate-size cutlet says it all at this way-more-than-a hotel restaurant. [Ed note: Andrew Knowlton, BA’s editor-at-large, is involved in the restaurant]

Huh. We’re sure this is just a coincidence. Surely it must be. A quick Google shows that Knowlton is neither the owner nor the chef of Carpenters Hall. His wife, Christina Skogly Knowlton, runs the food and beverage program, but hey, it’s the 21st century now and husbands and wives are separate legal entities. Oh, wait, the website Austin Culture Map says that Andrew Knowlton “consulted on the project.”

Well, we all have our side hustles. There’s no need to tell our coworkers everything. And actually, that’s a pretty good prank, right? You secretly work on a restaurant and then your colleagues at your other job swoop in and declare it one of the 50 best openings in the entire country? Yeah. That’s definitely what happened. Which is why BA didn’t bother to mention the connection when the story first went up online.

Bon Appétit names Detroit's Ochre Bakery one of America's 10 Best New Restaurants

Softly-scrambled eggs, country bread and a golden, crumbly Danish pastry are some of the things Bon Appétit's deputy editor Julia Kramer raved about in her review of Detroit's Ochre Bakery.

The food magazine put the new Detroit cafe at number four on their list of the Hot Ten: America's Best New Restaurants of 2019.

A soppressata salami sandwich on country bread at Ochre Bakery. (Photo: Melody Baetens)

Last week Bon Appétit released a list of their 50 nominees nationwide, which included Ochre Bakery in the Core City neighborhood and Eastern Market's Warda Pâtisserie. This week the final 10 names were announced.

"I’m getting lost in the idea that I could live in Detroit and this could be my coffee shop and I could eat this Danish every morning," writes Kramer, who recommends getting one of everything from the pastry case to-go, plus a loaf of bread.

The magazine also featured several recipes from the Detroit bakery, including their lemon-pistachio loaf.

Ochre Bakery, 4884 Grand River in Detroit, is owned by Jessica Hicks and Daisuke Hughes, the team behind Astro Coffee in Corktown. Ochre is open 8 a.m.-4 p.m.Tues.-Sun. Call (313) 686-5694 or visit

The courtyard in front of the entrance to Ochre Bakery, which was named one of the 10 best new restaurants in the country. (Photo: Melody Baetens)

Los Angeles has five of the best new restaurants in the U.S., says Bon App&eacutetit

Think the Los Angeles restaurant scene is hot? Bon Appétit magazine certainly does. Its just-released list of the 50 nominees for the best new restaurants in the United States includes five from Southern California – tied only with the New York City area. Next week the magazine will announce it’s final Top 10. [UPDATED: To include a link to the full list.]

Los Angeles restaurants honored were Allumette, Alma, Bar Amá, Chi Spacca and Hinoki & the Bird.

Surprising Austin, Texas, has three restaurants on the list, as does Chicago. Perhaps just as surprising, the San Francisco Bay area only has two: Rich Table and Saison.

Echo Park’s Allumette was praised for its “stellar experimental cuisine with heady Asian influences” put together by 25-year-old chef Miles Thompson. Restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton was particularly impressed by the Sichuan pork dumpling with cured salmon roe and squid with black truffle XO sauce.

Downtown’s Alma is run by 26-year-old Ari Taymor. “The food (sea urchin toast with burrata sweet corn soup with nasturtium ice cream) defies categorization,” Knowlton writes. “Alma may not be easy or expected, but that’s exactly what makes it special.”

Nearby Bar Amá is run by highly regarded Josef Centeno (his Bäco Mercat, just around the corner, was one of Bon Appétit’s 10 best new restaurants in 2012), who “shifts his focus to the Tex-Mex cooking of his native San Antonio.” Knowlton loves the queso with chorizo, slow-roasted cabrito and chile relleno. He also singles out the off-the-menu puffy tacos, making them possibly the worst-kept secret item after the In-N-Out “animal-style” hamburger.

Chi Spacca is the meat-centric wing of the Nancy Silverton-Mario Batali-Joseph Bastianich empire centered around Mozza. Knowlton marvels, “Is it possible that L.A.’s best new Italian restaurant doesn’t serve pasta? Chef Chad Colby is a savant of pork, beef, and lamb, proudly showcasing cuts of coppa steak, lamb-shoulder chops and short ribs.”

Of Century City’s Hinoki & the Bird, Knowlton writes “Angelenos are reaping the benefits of chef David Myers’ obsession with Japan” and singles out the restaurant’s chili crab toast, lobster roll and hinoki-scented black cod.

Allumette, 1320 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, (213) 935-8787.

Alma, 925 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, (213) 244-1422.

Bar Amá, 118 W. Fourth St., Los Angeles, (213) 687-8002.

Chi Spacca, 6610 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 297-1133.

Hinoki & the Bird, 10 Century Drive, Los Angeles, (310) 552-1200.

Bon Appetit announces top 10 new restaurants in America: 2 of the top 3 are in L.A.

Barista Erik Rudo makes drinks as diners hang out, standing up, at Gjusta in Venice.

Bon Appetit announced its top 10 new restaurants of 2015 today, compiled by Andrew Knowlton and Julia Kramer after much country-wide dining. This year’s list puts a San Francisco’s Al’s Place in the number one spot — with Los Angeles restaurants in the second and third places. Of the top 50, announced earlier this month, four are in L.A.

Travis Lett’s Venice restaurant Gjusta is number two, and Petit Trois, from Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, is in the third spot. The rest of the list: Semilla (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Parachute (Chicago), Dai Dui (Austin, Texas), Kindred (Davidson, N.C.), Rintaro (San Francisco), Manolin (Seattle) and Milktooth (Indianapolis). Thus for all of you keeping score, that’s four of the top 10 in California one in New York. Maybe celebrate by going out to eat — if you can get a reservation.

Bon Appetit’s September issue is its Restaurant Issue. Visit the site for bells and whistles, such as videos, photos and an interactive map.

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Amy Scattergood is the former editor of the Los Angeles Times Food section and a former member of the Food reporting team.

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Khao Noodle Shop is Bon Appetit’s No. 2 best new restaurant in America

3:49 PM on Sep 10, 2019 CDT — Updated at 11:33 AM on Sep 17, 2019 CDT

Update: On September 17, Bon Appetit named Khao Noodle Shop to the No. 2 spot on its Hot 10 list of America's Best New Restaurants 2019.

Chef Donny Sirisavath's contemporary Laotian restaurant in East Dallas impressed deputy editor Julia Kramer with a tiny menu of memorable dishes. "Khao Noodle Shop is not a restaurant that looks only to the past," she wrote. "From the laid-back vibe inside--the high-top tables, the stools spray-painted by friends, the tight-knit staff, the sheer fun of the place--I could feel Sirisavath's excitement at doing things his way. And once I tried the deep-fried tripe chicharrones and the musubi-like moutsayhang (a two-bite stack of crispy pork patty, sticky rice, and a thin layer of omelet), it was clear that Sirisavath was telling a story all his own."

It joined a list dominated by small, casual restaurants with devoted followings around the country, including the No. 1 restaurant, Konbi, a sandwich shop in Los Angeles famous for a highly Instagrammable egg sandwich. And it followed last week's announcement that Dallas is Bon Appetit's 2019 Restaurant City of the Year.

Two of Dallas' most fiercely independent restaurants — Petra and the Beast and Khao Noodle Shop — are among Bon Appetit's 50 nominees for America's Best New Restaurants 2019.

After eating "hundreds of meals in dozens of cities across America," deputy editor Julie Cramer today announced her top 50 contenders for this year's ten winners, which will be named on Sept. 17. Cramer singled out Khao for its "fun-size" Laotian noodles, and called Petra a "charcuterie-and-fresh-pasta haven."

Of course, Dallas food lovers know that both restaurants are also highly individual projects from passionate chefs. Misti Norris made her pop-up restaurant a sparely decorated but permanent fixture on the Dallas dining scene back in August 2018, opening it in a former filling station on a shoestring budget, and refusing to take on investors so she could pursue her wildly creative vision.

At the time, I noted that some of the most innovative restaurants in the country started out as scrappy pop-ups. Joshua Skenes' Saison in San Francisco and César Ramirez's Brooklyn Fare in New York came to mind, as did Ludo Lefebvre's Trois Mec in Los Angeles. And now it is looking more and more like Norris is on the same path. In addition to this nomination, Norris has been named one of Food and Wine's best new chefs and Esquire's Best New Restaurants. She was also a James Beard award semi-finalist for best new restaurant in the U.S. this year.

About the same time that Petra became permanent, Donny Sirisavath opened Khao Noodle Shop in a small storefront nearby in East Dallas, on Bryan Street. Conceived as a tribute to his late mother, who had encouraged Sirisavath to become a chef, his restaurant also features spare decor, with seating at counter stools and a short but inventive menu based on his mother's Lao dishes.

I gave Khao a three-star review back in March, and more recently, Sirisavath cooked a special summer Lao barbecue menu at the restaurant for the Dallas Morning News' EatDrinkInsider dinner series. In July, Khao was named one of Eater's 16 Best New Restaurants in America.

As different as their cuisines are, Khao and Petra have a ton in common. Both are creatively pushing boundaries. Both restaurants are BYOB. Both are near-solo ventures operating in minimalistic locations.

And both prove that a chef’s unfettered vision can make an indelible impression.

Bon Appétit's top 10 best new U.S. restaurants

"I'm looking for restaurants that have somebody behind it that are passionate and not kind of 'concept-y.' I like quirky restaurants, I like small independent ones," Knowlton said.

California took four of the top 10 spots.

"California's always had a wealth of riches when it comes to ingredients, but I don't think always did a lot with them. You know the big joke is they would put a plum on a plate and call it a day right?" Knowlton said. "But now I think they're taking those ingredients and then technique and hard work, kind of what New York always had, and they have the best of both worlds now."

1. AL's Place - San Francisco, California

"I think this really ushers in a new wave of fine dining because it's basically a neighborhood restaurant, but you're getting this super creative level of food that you would expect in fine dining," Knowlton said.

Al's Place roti/taco Michael Graydon/Nikole Herriott

2. Gjusta - Venice, California

Gjusta cured meats PEDEN/MUNK
3. Petit Trois - Los Angeles, California

French onion soup Eva Kolenko
4. Semilla - Brooklyn, New York

"It's one of these small, 14-seat restaurants. It's a husband and a wife, mostly vegetarian cooking . and it's like being invited into their dining room," Knowlton said. "Ten-courses -- $75."

Semilla salad crème fraîche Marcus Nilsson

5. Parachute - Chicago, Illinois
6. Dai Due - Austin, Texas
7. Kindred - Davidson, North Carolina

"You're seeing this, sort of, leveling of the playing field. That there's as many interesting restaurants in these secondary or tertiary markets as there is in New York, San Francisco and L.A.," Rapoport said.

Kindred whole roasted bronzino Elizabeth Cecil

Bon Appétit’s Virtual Restaurant Opens in Chicago

Bon Appétit announced on September 24 the launch of Bon Appétit, Delivered, a virtual restaurant featuring dishes curated by the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen. The delivery-only concept is available exclusively in Chicago through Grubhub, the nation's leading online and mobile food-ordering and delivery marketplace. The virtual storefront is operated by Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises (LEYE), a multi-concept restaurant group based in Chicago.

Bon Appétit, Delivered brings the brand's most popular dishes from the pages of its magazine, website and Instagram feed to life. All recipes are developed by the brand's famed Test Kitchen editors and are produced in collaboration with LEYE.

"For those times when you just don't want to cook, we're making our favorite things to eat right now available for delivery," says Bon Appétit editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport. "From Sambal Chicken Skewers to our Garlickiest Fried Rice and so much more, these delicious meals will come fully prepared, right to your door."

The menu is available for lunch and dinner, and offers seasonal ingredients and dishes on a rotational basis. Dishes available now include: Cauliflower Bolognese, Broccoli Caesar Salad, Lemon and Garlic Roasted Chicken Thighs with Warm Honey Glazed Brussel Sprouts, Cider Braised Pork Shoulder with Butternut Squash, and more.

"We are thrilled to work with a partner of Bon Appétit's caliber to bring a menu that will excite our diners," says Padma Rao, vice president of special projects at Grubhub. "This concept is a great example of how LEYE and Grubhub are pursuing creative, exclusive concepts to bring more variety to diners."

This is the second delivery-only concept in which LEYE and Grubhub have partnered in the Chicago area, underscoring a shared commitment to deliver creative menus from the brands diners love. Virtual restaurants help chefs, owners and operators more nimbly capitalize on culinary trends and local preferences to receive more orders from Grubhub's leading diner network.

L.A.'s Alma named Bon Appetit’s best new restaurant of the year

Alma, the downtown kitchen that could, has been named the best new restaurant in the United States by Bon Appétit magazine.

Headed by 27-year-old chef Ari Taymor, who started cooking in pop-ups and partially funded through Kickstarter, Alma opened on a nondescript stretch of Broadway last fall with only 39 seats and an ambitious menu that combined California farmers market ingredients with the latest in modernist techniques.

It won almost instant admiration. “Nobody is cooking quite like this in L.A. at the moment,” wrote the Los Angeles Times’ Jonathan Gold, who listed Alma at No. 36 in his 101 Best L.A. restaurants list. He described it as a “sure step toward the cuisine most often seen in restaurants with six-month waiting lists and $145 tasting menus.”

Los Angeles Magazine’s Patric Kuh wrote that the restaurant “burns with a refreshing passion. I just never expected to have such a revelation in an eight-table restaurant next to a hostess dance club.”

Following Alma on the Bon Appétit list is Saison in San Francisco, Rolf & Daughters in Nashville, Fat Rice in Chicago and Ava Gene’s in Portland.

Rounding out the top 10 are the Pass & Provisions in Houston, the Optimist in Atlanta, Jeffrey’s and sister restaurant Josephine House in Austin, Texas, the Whale Wins and sister restaurant Joule in Seattle and Aska in Brooklyn.

In his review, Bon Appétit dining editor Andrew Knowlton confessed early reservations about Alma, but concluded, “By the end of my meal, I was an Ari Taymor apostle. Despite his age and relative inexperience, this guy is cooking on a level I rarely see or taste. I eat out almost every night, so it takes a lot for me to get overly excited about a meal. But there I was, like a teenage boy on his first real date. At Alma, I’d experienced something special -- that unique moment when potential meets skill and anything seems possible. I saw a star born.”

Last year’s winner was the ever-popular State Bird Provisions in San Francisco, and downtown’s Baco Mercat was No. 9. In 2011, Charleston, S.C.’s Husk won, while West Los Angeles’ Animal was No. 7.

This year was extremely good for Los Angeles’ new restaurants -- five of them made the Top 50 nominations. In addition to Alma, there were Allumette, Bar Amá, Chi Spacca and Hinoki & the Bird.

Ironically, according to the Alma website, the restaurant is closed this week for “a week of rest.”

These two Atlanta restaurants are nominees for Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurants 2019

Pizza spot Nina + Rafi and bakery and cafe Root Baking Company are both in the running for the top spot.

Bon Appetit deputy editor Julia Kramer narrowed down hundreds of meals in dozens of cities to a list of 50, which will be further whittled to a list of 10 on Sept. 17.

"A chef from Jersey makes Detroit-style pizza in Atlanta—and it couldn't be more natural," Kramer writes of Nina + Rafi, located at SPX Alley on the Eastside Beltline. The restaurant comes from Anthony Spina and Billy Streck -- Spina opened O4W Pizza in Atlanta's Irwin Street Market in 2015, and moved the beloved eatery to Duluth the next year Streck also owns Hampton + Hudson in Inman Park and Cypress Street Pint & Plate in Midtown. Spina also plans to open a pizza-by-the-slice spot in Virginia-Highland in the next few months.

O4W Pizza fans balked when it was announced that the restaurant’s Grandma Pie wouldn’t make it onto Nina + Rafi’s menu, but the new eatery has garnered praise for its similar Detroit Red Top.

"The bad news? Spina opted not to bring the Grandma Pie with him," AJC food writer Wendell Brock wrote in a review of Nina + Rafi earlier this year. "The good news? He's outdone himself with a pan pie called the Detroit Red Top, another study in simplicity distinguished by its singular edge."

As for Root Baking Co., Kramer writes, “because if you’re milling your own heirloom grains, you should definitely be turning them into lamb shawarma pizza and morning buns.”

"For a multitude of reasons (parking, tourists, price point), I've been loath to frequent Ponce City Market," Brock wrote in a glowing review earlier this year. "With Root Baking Co. in the house, I may become a stalker."

Root Baking Co. and Nina + Rafi are the latest new restaurants to be recognized by Bon Appetit. Talat Market, a pop-up that's slated to open a brick-and-mortar location in Summerhill this year, was a nominee last year.