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Corn-On-The-Cob Cake Pops

Corn-On-The-Cob Cake Pops

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A fun new way to enjoy "sweet" corn-on-the-cob -- cake pops style!MORE+LESS-

Updated December 24, 2014


box Betty Crocker™ Super Moist™ butter recipe yellow cake mix, cooked according to package instructions


cups Betty Crocker™ Rich & Creamy White Frosting


cups white chocolate chips or white almond bark


cups yellow jelly beans

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    In a large bowl, use your fingers or a whisk to crumble the prepared cake. Then combine it with the frosting until evenly mixed. Freeze the mixture for 10-15 minutes, or until chilled.

  • 2

    Grease a small aluminum can (I used a tomato paste can) with butter or cooking spray. Then carefully press some of the chilled cake pop mix into the can or mold, and then squeeze the can and pound on the bottom of the can until the molded cake pop comes out. Repeat 4-5 more times with additional cake pops, then freeze until the edges are firm and chilled.

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    Meanwhile, in a microwave or double boiler, heat the white chocolate or almond bark until melted, stirring occasionally. Spoon some of the chocolate onto one of the ends of a chilled cob, and then place the yellow holder in the end. Repeat on the other side.

  • 4

    Lay the cob on its side, then spoon a small strip of chocolate along the length of the cob. Quickly press the jelly beans into the chocolate in a single-file row before the chocolate hardens. Repeat with more chocolate, jelly beans, chocolate, jelly beans, etc. until the cob is covered.

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More About This Recipe

  • Surprise your friends with these “corny” little desserts!

    Being from a family of Kansas corn farmers, our family grew up regularly shucking some delicious fresh corn-on-the-cob for dinner. All the better with butter. And salt (a non-negotiable at my grandma’s house). And of course, lots of dental floss afterwards.

    But I’m pretty positive that we never had it for dessert. And definitely not in the form of the oh-so-popular cake pops!

    So this is where the city-girl granddaughter comes in! For a fun twist on summer desserts, I decided to make some simple little cake pops in the shape of little corn on the cobs.

    Or corns on the cob. However you say it!

    Either way, these cute little Corn-on-the-Cob Cake Pops are super fun to make. And even more fun serve as a surprise to your friends and family, and see their smiles at your “corny” little desserts.

    First, whip up a Betty Crocker yellow cake mix according to the package directions in a 9x13 baking dish.

    Then use your fingers (really – much better than a spoon or whisk) to crumble the cake into little pieces, and then use your fingers to evenly mix in the frosting. So easy.

    Then pop the crumbled mixture into the freezer for 10-15 minutes, and spray a well-rinsed aluminum can (or whatever you’re using as a mold) with cooking spray. Remove the chilled cake pops mixture, and then spoon it into the greased mold until it is packed in solid. Then squeeze the can a little bit to loosen the mold, pound on the bottom of the can a few times, and watch as the corn-on-the-cob base slides right out. Repeat 5-6 times, and then freeze the cake pops until the edges are chilled (at least 30 minutes).

    Once the cake pops are chilled, heat the white chocolate chips or almond bark carefully in the microwave or in a double-boiler until melted, stirring occasionally. Spoon some of the chocolate onto one of the ends of the “cob”, and then place the yellow holder in the end. Repeat on the other side.

    Lay the cob on its side, then spoon a small strip of chocolate along the length of the cob. Quickly press the jelly beans into the chocolate in a single-file row before the chocolate freezes. until the cob is covered.

    Repeat with remaining cobs. Enjoy the “corny” fun!!!

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Bridal Cake Pops Recipe

Once the cake is cooled cut off the crust and crumble the soft cake into a large mixing bowl. Learn techniques for making cake pops with a variety of recipes and get inspired with clever decorating ideas.

Wedding Cake Pops Cake Pops Cake Balls Wedding Cake Pops Cake Bridal Bridal Shower Cakes

Grease a 9-inch springform pan.

Bridal cake pops recipe. Place cakes in the refrigerator to keep chilled before dipping. Add frosting until your cake gets to a consistency that is easy to work with to roll into balls. Prepare a 9x13 cake pan with non-stick cooking spray.

5 out of 5 stars 1584 1584 reviews 3600 FREE shipping Favorite Add to. Bake 35 to 40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean. Customize them using your favorite cake flavor frosting and sugar colors.

Mix first 5 ingredients together for 30 seconds on low and then med. Bake and remove from oven. Once your cake is cooked and cooled using your hands or a food processor shred the cake into crumbs into a medium sized bowl.

Start by mixing the cake crumbs and frosting into a soft dough and molding it into balls. Bake in preheated oven until cake springs back when lightly touched with a finger and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean about 25 minutes. Cake Pops are made with our from scratch wedding cake recipes.

Or until very well cooked. Beat the ingredients at medium speed with an electric mixer for 2 minutes. Bake as directed removing from oven when a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean and the cake springs back to the touch.

See more ideas about wedding cake pops cake pops cake. Mix in ½ - 1 full can of your favorite frosting or make your own special recipe. Vanilla Chocolate Marble Deluxe Flavors 26 or 30 per.

They are then rolled and molded into shapes and dipped into melted candy melts to create the most personalized and unique desserts. Cupcakes are 250 each and 26 for the dozen. Cakes are baked crumbled and mixed with frosting.

Looking for recipes for cake pops. Using a food processor or in a large mixing bowl break up the cake into crumbs and then combine the frosting. Baking Breads Desserts 14.

Feb 24 2017 - These red velvet cake pops are perfect for any awards night party. Preheat oven to 350 degrees or whatever temperature your cake box indicates. Using a handheld or stand mixer fitted with a paddle or whisk attachment beat the butter and sugar together in a large bowl until creamed about 2 minutes.

If it is still uncooked in any place the cake pops will be mushy. Pour into greased 913 pan and bake for 25-to 28 mins. Cover with white butter icing and decorate as desired.

Bridal Shower 1 Fall 1 Fathers Day 1 Mothers Day 1 Seasons 1 Super Bowl 1 Tailgating 1 Meal Types. Allow to cool in pans for 10 minutes then invert onto a wire rack to cool completely. Prepare cake mix according to the package directions using egg whites to make the cake as white as possible.

Apr 23 2012 - Explore Steph Moreys board Wedding Cake Pops followed by 363 people on Pinterest. When you are ready dip the tip of each lollipop stick in coating and then insert into the bottom of the cake about halfway. Bake your favorite cake mix follow the instructions listed on the box.

Once the cake is fully baked take it out of the oven and let it cool completely. We believe the perfect Cake Pop is the best way to brighten someones day. Whisk the flour baking powder baking soda and salt together in a medium bowl.

We show how to make cake pops showcase our latest cake pop designs DIY cake pops and even trendy custom cake pops. Make your cake per manufacturers instructions and add in 1 12 teaspoons of champagne extract. Funny Grooms Cake Grooms Cake Tables Groom Cake Alabama Grooms Cake Cake Cookies Cupcake Cakes Wedding Cake Pops Wedding Cakes Red Velvet Wedding Cake.

In a large bowl combine the cake mix pudding mix eggs water and oil. If youre doing this using a fork rather than a food processor its easier to do it while the cake is still warm. 24 for the dozen sitting or 30 for standing.

Cake pops are a fun and versatile party treat. Theyre also a great way to use up leftover cake scraps and frosting. Then dip the wedding cake pop in a small narrow bowl of melted candy coating so that you can dip and remove the entire cake in one motion.

Pour your batter into the prepared cake pan. Consider these unique and trendy treats for one of the following occasions. Taste of Home has the best cake pop recipes from real cooks featuring reviews ratings how-to videos and tips.

Wedding Wedding Favors Cake Pops Bridal Shower favors Party Favors Bridal Shower Wedding Ideas Wedding Gift Engagement Baby Shower ChocolatesUnlimited. Preheat oven to 350 F. Place the balls on lollipop sticks dip into an easy-to-make candy coating and cover in colorful sanding sugar.

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How to Make Cake Pops (the easy way)

Today I am showing you how to make Cake Pops using cake mix. These little nuggets of cake dipped in chocolate have become a huge trend.

Charles says that he likes them because you can have just a taste of dessert without committing to eat an entire piece of cake or a cupcake. (My opinion? Life is short, eat a whole piece of cake!)

Cake pops are prepared by baking a cake, mashing it up, mixing in frosting, rolling it into a balls, putting it on a stick, and dipping it in chocolate. The flavor combinations are endless, and you can decorate them with colored sprinkles or dunk them in colored white chocolate to match any party theme or color scheme.

It’s easier to just make a cake, but I do appreciate how adorable these are.

I can understand why cake pop have become a huge trend – they are really pretty!

Learn how to make Cake Pops the easy way with these simple instructions:

You can use any boxed cake mix to perpare this recipe. If you really want to keep things simple, you could buy a couple cupcakes at the grocery store and then mash them up frosting and all to make cake pops.

First, you need to bake a cake. Then you take that cake and break it up and add some frosting. I used a store-bought chocolate cake mix. If you want to bake a cake from scratch, you might want to try my friend Jocelyn’s chocolate cake recipe.

Mix the frosting into the cake, mashing the cake up at the same time. You will end up with soft cake that can be easily formed into balls.

Roll the cake into balls, you want them to be about the size of a ping pong ball. Then dip the sticks in melted chocolate and place them in the cake balls.

Then the cake balls go into the freezer until they become solid. This is very important. You need to put the cake pops in the freezer before you dip them in the melted chocolate, otherwise, they will fall apart and make a mess. Trust me on this one.

Then it is time to dunk the cake balls in melted chocolate and sprinkles. Voilà! You have Cake Pops!

I might have made that seem a little too easy, the process is a little tedious.

I loved how these cake pops turned out. You can really taste the caramel frosting, and I liked the way the nonpareils gave added crunch.

I used the cake mix to bake two 8-inch round cakes. Then I used about 1/4 of that cake to make Cake Pops (I didn’t want to make too many because I knew I would end up eating all of them).

The instructions below are for a full batch, which would yield about 60 cake pops.

Pro Tip: Save the cake mix box and use it to stick the cake pops into while the chocolate dies. Or if you want to be fancy, cake pop stands exist.

How To Make Cake Pops ….EASILY.

I thought I HATED cake pops. I made them for a baby shower a few years ago and they were a pain in the butt cheeks with all that freezing and refreezing, dipping, twirling, decorating, and oh that texture!! Ewww!!

It was soggy, grainy, and tasted like someone had chewed it up already. My hubby sat quietly, ate the whole thing and calmly said: “you don’t have to make these again please”.

I seriously did not see what all the cake pop hype was about, but I kept getting requests to “PLEASE DO A CAKE POP TUTORIAL!”. I can’t let my babies (you) down so I got back in the kitchen to figure these things out. Something had to give!

I discovered that I LOVED cake pops. Here’s what I learned:

  1. Go EASY On The Frosting: What a lot of folks failed to mention in the cake pop tutorials that I was following was to ONLY ADD A LITTLE BIT OF FROSTING. That is super important!! Most cakes are already moist. Too much frosting and it’s ruined in my opinion, not unless you add more cake.
  2. Use Your Hands To Mix: It really helps to mix it up with your hands so that you can get the feel of it. When I used a spoon to mix it up, it looked as if I wasn’t putting in enough frosting but it turned out that it was way too much when I went to make a ball. The cake should still be a bit crumbly even when the frosting is mixed in.
  3. Mini Ice Cream/Cookie Scoop Works Great: Use a mini ice cream scoop to scoop out the “dough” so that you will have equal portions.
  4. No Need To Keep Refreezing- I only placed these in the freezer once. Twice if you plan on bagging them or you want to speed up the final setting time.
  5. Use A Deep, Narrow Cup For Dipping: The melted chocolate/candy coating should be deep enough to submerge the cake ball completely to avoid having to twirl it around.
  6. Box Cake Is Just Fine– If you’re not against the ingredients, make it easy for yourself and just purchase a box cake and make some homemade frosting. No one will know.
  7. Use A Styrofoam Holder- A block of Styrofoam makes a really great holder to stick the cake pops in while they are drying and it’s cheap.

These cake pops are what I consider cake pop perfection. They are the best cake pops I’ve ever had. No need to keep refreezing and double dipping! The texture is fluffy AND moist and it was nowhere near as messy and time consuming as my first attempt at making cake pops.

Such a cute little homemade gift don’t ya think?

Now if you’re looking for a tutorial on how to decorate cake pops…ugh, I’m not the girl for the job!! Sprinkles is as good as it gets over here : )

Even without fancy decoration, these cake pops can still make a pretty cute, cheap and festive gift idea! Let your imagination run wild!


Can I make these the day before? You sure can! But I’d use candy melts instead of chocolate. That way you can store them on the counter and not have to worry about the chocolate melting and smearing on the bag. Plus candy melts come in so many fun colors!


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Give these cake pops a try and let me know what ya think! I can’t wait to make these again!

Homemade Cake Pops

How was your weekend? We spent most of it celebrating my friend’s birthday. I made a whole mess of treats including this cake (as cupcakes), these cookies, and these cookies too– it’s been way too long since I made a batch of those in particular! The birthday girl loves chocolate and peanut butter and caramel so these 3 were a no brainer.

There’s no batter time (get it? batter?) than a happy occasion to indulge in your favorite treats whether that’s a birthday, shower, wedding, you name it. My mom and sisters threw my baby shower last month and one of the treats they surprised me with was a HUGE display of cake pops. I love cake pops, but hardly ever take the time to make them. Though I did whip up a batch for both of my sisters’ bridal showers in the past few years. (Remember the green and pinks cake pops? They were for a bridal shower!)

See? Special occasions call for super special treats.

The difference between these cake pops and others you may have tried is that these are 100% homemade. There’s no box cake mix or canned frosting, which results in a totally unique cake pop experience. You can actually TASTE the homemade. The love, the passion, and the care that goes into creating each adorable pop.

And guess what? Want to see the whole process from start to finish? Tune in on Facebook or Instagram LIVE on Weds at 1pm ET. (I’m LIVE every week at that time!) I’ll make a batch and answer all cake pop questions as we go along together!

So anyway! I first began making homemade cake pops when I wrote Sally’s Candy Addiction. In fact, this recipe is published in the book! I want to share it on the blog as well because I’ve gotten lots of questions about making from-scratch cake pops.

Today we’ll go over all my tips, tricks, and secrets to crafting the peeeeerfect pop as well as the homemade vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream used inside. There’s lots of ground to cover so let’s pop right to it. (Can’t stop with my nerdiness right now.)

Since we’re leaving the box cake mix and canned frosting on the store shelves, we’ll need to take a little extra time to prep both from scratch. I always make the cake the night before, then finish the cake pops the next day. Here’s the general process:

  1. Make homemade cake.
  2. Make homemade frosting.
  3. Crumble cake into homemade frosting.
  4. Mix.
  5. Roll into balls.
  6. Dip.
  7. EAT!

Super basic recipes for both the vanilla cake and frosting, but I do encourage you to use the correct size pan for the cake. This cake is too large for a typical 9-inch cake pan. You’ll need to use a 9-inch springform pan since it rises quite high. Or you can use an 11࡭ pan instead. A 10-inch springform pan would work as well.

Cake ingredients are straightforward. The basic crew like flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, milk. Same goes with the vanilla frosting: butter, confectioners’ sugar, vanilla, milk (or cream). The difference between this and what you get out of a box is the taste. You can totally tell these cake pops are special and it’s because you started with from-scratch components. WORTH IT!

Now it’s time to crumble the cake up and mix with your frosting.

(Crumbling the cake into the frosting sounds super weird when you think about it and that’s exactly what cake pops are– super weird when you think about it. It’s cake and frosting mixed together to form a truffle-like ball. Pop a stick in it and dunk into coating. Yep, it’s weirdly delicious and awesome and you need to embrace it.)

Left photo: cake crumbled into bowl of frosting.

Right photo: the two mixed together.

Once the two are mixed together, it’s time to roll the mixture into balls. And here’s my trick for doing so.

My Rolling Trick

It’s easier to roll the cake + frosting mixture into perfectly round balls if it’s cold. And what I do is roll the balls up right after the two are mixed together. They’re pretty misshapen because the cake + frosting mixture is super moist– and at room temperature. So then I chill the balls in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. After that, I give them another little roll to smooth out the sides. When they’re cold, they’re easier to smooth out and form perfectly round shapes.

So (1) roll (2) chill (3) roll again to smooth out the sides.

The cake balls need to be super chilled before dipping, so this trick gets both steps done!

Now let’s dunk. You can dip the cake balls into pure white chocolate, which is what I prefer for best taste, but that stuff is pretty expensive. And you need a good amount for all 40 cake pops! You can use candy melts/candy coating instead. I give both options in the recipe below along with notes for each choice.

Another trick: to ensure the cake ball stays secure on the lollipop stick, dip it slightly into the coating first. Then stick in the center of the cake ball. See photo above!

And another trick: the best way to allow the coating to dry and set– without ruining the perfectly round cake pop– is to place them right side up in a large styrofoam block or even a box. I used a box, as pictured below, for this batch. I just poked super tiny holes into it. Easy and cheap.

Cake pops will be dry within an hour or so.

Cake pops are a genius celebration-worthy treat to make ahead of time because they freeze beautifully. I simply freeze them in a large zipped-top freezer bag after they’ve fully dried. They’re great for up to 6 weeks, then just let them thaw overnight in the fridge.

I have a few more tips for ya! I went over these in Sally’s Candy Addiction because they’re pretty important to review before you get started.

Cake Pop Tips

  1. Frosting is the best part of cake, right? Well that doesn’t apply to cake pops. Too much frosting produces a super wet and greasy cake pop– not the deliciously moist pop you were expecting. This frosting recipe yields *just enough* to barely moisten those cake crumbs. Proper ratio is imperative here!
  2. The cake balls need to be extremely cold before dipping. Make sure you have enough room in your refrigerator or freezer for them. I always chill them on a large lined baking sheet.
  3. A 2-cup glass liquid measuring cup is the perfect depth for dipping the cake pops.
  4. Tinting the coating brings a fun POP of color! I usually stick to just white + one other color. Or two colors maximum. (Like these.) The teal color I use here is Americolor gel food coloring in teal.
  5. Sprinkles are necessary, of course. But you already knew that.

Besides lollipop sticks and the correct size cake pan, you don’t really need much else to get going!

Watch the video: Easy Floral Cake - How To Tutorial. Netradiční květinový dort (July 2022).


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