Strawberry cheesecake

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We make a top of crushed biscuits and mixed with melted butter. Put it in detachable form and put it in the oven (for those who want more crunchy) for 10 minutes (or leave it so lightly soft, without being put in the oven). Remove and leave to cool.

Whip the liquid cream. Beat the vanilla sugar separately with the brown sugar (I ground it (powder) so that it melts faster, that's what I do with all cakes) with mascarpone cheese. Then add the whipped cream. A fairly consistent and fluffy mixture is obtained.

I washed the strawberries and kept half in the fridge powdered with sugar to leave a little syrup and half I mixed them with a little sugar and boiled them as if I had made a jelly - strawberry jam. Leave to cool. Place this cold strawberry jelly in a detachable shape on the top. Then place all the cream mixture above and level. On top I added the remaining beautifully arranged strawberries.

The syrup that was left over from the strawberries, I put it on the fire together with an envelope of gelatin and according to the instructions on the package I made this jelly which I poured in a warm thin thread over the whole decorated strawberries. Let it cool for a few hours and only after that, remove the detachable ring from the form.