Aziz salad

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It is a sexy salad, perfect for a romantic dinner ..... :))

  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 1 carrot
  • half grapefruit
  • 1buc fenel
  • half a pomegranate
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 lemon
  • salt

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION How to make Aziz Salad:

wash and dry the vegetables;

clean and cut into cubes (except lemon)

mix, salt and put the lemon juice over.

can be served with anything ....

good appetite

Qada Qadr Part 1

Mohammad Abu hora su Soto sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira yeah Ayala Dena la casa Casa de Mouton. illa Anta Muslim on NASA hora de como la de la comida wahida or follow caminhada Beslan in homare Jalan kisi arowana What's up? Oh the moon of the moon Viva La San. In aloha can la Kamara? Yeah Johan levena am an otaku La La colo polenta de de la cama como se la comida Nova calm. Oh my god I have a Sula who suffer the size 1000 avina

inositol Hideki tabula he subhana wa Jalla wa sidel howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Bashar Al ohmori Maha Dasha to her Bakula Maharaja set in Baku, popoola, gemballa wakulla Viola lessons and now some

some delights with Allah grace and mercy that we were able to finish our discussion on Eman and the parable that Allah subhanho wa Taala portrayed for us. And as for our topic now, it is the topic of Alibaba, and Alibaba.

And for actually delving into the topic, I'd like to share a quote from it Napoleon Rahim Allah did he mentioned in CSR, or a book that he wrote, which is entitled, curing the sickness. And in this book, the whole book is pertaining to this topic called Baba and conda. And he mentioned this quote, which I want to share with all of you in sama. So he goes, look under the hood Allah subhanahu wa horologium jan Holly I had in Manila alameen wa salam o fi Safina from nyjah. menorah, Kiba Nadia woman, Hassan has a woman as a mother of

seven acclaimed Rahim Allah, when discussing the topic of father, he goes that corridor is an ocean that has no shores.

An ocean there has no shores, no one can escape from it.

And to buy it or to believe in it is like a ship

who believes in it and boards it is safe. And he who turns away from it is from those who are drowned.

Now you look at these words, and how beautiful they are.

You also at the same time, see something very serious. There is no fame, Rahim Allah He mentioned that how further as vast as it is. And as conspicuous as it is, in terms of his secrets, and in terms of knowledge that is hidden from us about it.

He says that it is an ocean that has no shores.

Yet at the same time, no one can escape from it. That each and every one of us is bound by

and to rule by it and to believe in it is like a ship. Whoever bought it is safe. Yet those who don’t believe in it and don’t move by or left to drowned in this ocean. Panama Hillary. So you can see that in no time, Rahim Allah, He believed it to be a very vast topic. And then Allah is Allah with Allah Sophia. Today we will also take a glimpse as to why in no time, Rahim Allah which Allah believed it to be such a vast topic. So as for the two words, it ends well further

without getting into a linguistic definition, let’s just take what the serious is about them.

There is a difference of opinion as to what the two terms mean. There are three opinions. And inshallah we'll start off with the first one, the first one stating,

the first one stating that they are one and the same thing, meaning that there’s no difference between them as

the second opinion states

the product is the ordaining of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the past, meaning that everything that Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered from the beginning of time, this is what we call a powder.

And then as for it, it’s actually one that

Knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala that will of Allah subhanaw taala takes place or actually happens all the time which Allah created. And this was the opinion of ignorance, it is not a theory, a theory with a hands on analysis.

And then a second opinion also is a third opinion was that of half a dozen Rahim Allahu taala. And he stated that they are actually the exact opposite, that Kaaba is the hokum of Allah subhanaw taala from the beginning of time, and then God or is it actually taking place? And this was the opinion of half of the massages, and Allah subhanaw taala knows that. But this opinion seems closer to the truth if one study is the text of the Quran and the Sunnah.

And likewise, for those who pay attention to the IRS and yahagi you will notice something and that is that the term coder is mentioned is that more than the term corner that the term is very seldomly used over here, in terms of is an ad and the term coder is used much more frequently. As to what is the ruling of believing in Canada. Anyone want to take a wild guess?

is believing in compulsory or not?

You got it right. As opposed to it being compulsory. Then we have is from the Quran, a hadith from the sun, and is not of the oma. As for the ayah in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says in photo cameras, I am number 79

in a cul de sac in kalapana, who the father that indeed we have created everything with the Father.

And likewise Allah Spanos, Allah says in total is 38 What can Amaro la he Katara Napa Dora. And indeed the commandment of Allah subhanho wa Taala or is order with something which is predestined.

And then, thirdly, Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, he says in total masala is 22 and 23 illa cordery maloom Hakata NASA Nia, America the rune.

Allah says, and this will happen until a predestined time, and indeed we are the best of planners. So the three is Allah subhana wa tada firms carved out for himself and in the term further qualify as Allah attributing it to himself. It occurs many times in the Quran. In actuality, in no time, Rahim Allah, he mentions in Sicily, that you will find over 1000 is in the Quran, that indirectly or indirectly insinuate Allah Subhana, Allah is control of God.

I swear the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then likewise, there are many a hadith that indicates the obligation of believing in fathers, the foremost of them being the hadith of gibreel.

Now in the Hadith, and like you mentioned previously, gibreel came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he asked him about Islam, man, and he has done amongst other things as well. And when it came to EMA, and

actually, before we get to the study, let’s go back to something on

the first hobbies that in our Muslim Rahim Allahu taala mentioned

is the hadith of gibreel. But before narrating the study, he mentions an actual story

that took place between the Sahaba Abdullah Muhammad, and two of the Serbian

these 231 was one of them was absorbed.

And I don’t call the second tragedy, but the two of them came to Abdullah while he was unhappy, and they said, Yeah, man, indeed we have come across the people who don’t believe in father. Right, they don’t believe in father. So what do you have to say about this? So Abdullah myanmarese, Allahu taala. In Houma, he said, Tell them that I am free from them, and they are free from me.

For By Allah, the One who is signed, is my soul. If they were to give the size of mounts offered in gold, it would not be accepted from them until they believed in further and then he went on to narrate the study, proving the obligation of believing in further but the shadow the point we're trying to derive from this story, is the importance that the Sahaba the Allahu taala in Houma, La Jolla gave to Qatar to such a degree that Abdullah nama freed himself from those

People who do not believe in father. And likewise, he said that the actions of those people who gave who do not believe in God would be rejected. Right, and obviously, whose actions are rejected, the ones who disbelieve. So to believe the disbelieve in other is an act of disbelief in Islam. There's so many it's important that no matter how great your alchemy has been, whether it be, you know, giving one date in the wealth of Latinos to Allah, or giving mounts offered in gold, you actually wouldn't be accepted until you believe in further. This is what Abdullah Muhammad said. Now, what was his proof for the statement is true for all of this was the Hadith that he narrates from his

father, Amara Hopper, which is also known as the heavyset gibreel. So skipping forward in this hadith to the section of Eman gibreel, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

an email to inform me about the man

to which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and so Mina de la, la casa de la casa de oro de Waal yo mela here. We're an untaught mine house from was called a saga.

So, debrief he asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so informed me about a man to which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that it is to believe in Allah, the angels, the book, the messenger, and the last day,

and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and it is to believe in the good, and the bad of it.

Now pay attention over here and you see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam repeats the words, and taught me now that you have to believe or you should believe, twice, once at the beginning of a sentence, when he said until Mina de la he was like a tea or coffee or soda. And then he repeated again, before he said, Why, and so Nina below further, he was sorry, to show the importance of believing in others, that most people are heedless of it, other religions, it was not required or requested on them . But in Islam, this is something you have to believe in. Now, what does codder actually encompass? This is going to be our next topic. So we see from this Hadith,

which is explicit and clear, that from a man from our belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala, and belief in Islam is that we have to believe and accept others. Now what is belief in God as we encompass? And before that we mentioned that there are many ahaadeeth this was one of them. Another one is when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, which is now available in colusa, in the corridor, this is a hadith narrated in Muslim as well.

So you will find many a hadith pertaining to Qatar, and the importance of believing in it. And lastly, to show the obligation of believing further, we mentioned each and every night something which is an interesting topic. What we mean by is the consensus of the oma and when you study your soul also, you will see that sometimes it’s not stronger in its evidence than an actual idea or a hobby, or AI or hobby. Can anyone explain to me why this might leak? Why would it not sometimes be stronger than an IRA or hiding

a few Thank you very much.

sticking to the topic at hand, we were discussing, discussing how sometimes edema can be stronger in indication than an Iowa Heidi's on its own article Salaam

Tila and the reason why I mentioned this is due to the fact that there are different levels of interpretation of is Anna Heidi, right? Sometimes an IRA may be ambiguous, right? And sometimes

the the value or the indication that is derived from the ayah may not be clear or as edema does not have the issue is not a consensus which is based upon an IRA or a hadith where it is clearly stated that the Muslims are united on such and such why sometimes presenting an ayah white must not do the job. So, that’s the indication which is derived from his mind self can be stronger than the IRA or hubby’s alone. This is not always the case, but can be the case when the Nii isn't explicit, or a study isn't explicit.

So we mentioned that the oma likewise is a consensus that the Muslim has to believe in the father of Allah subhanaw taala.

So now, what is the belief of Allah Sinhala Gemma pertaining to

this Allahu taala what we're going to be doing is divided or dividing it into two sections. One is what we're going to be calling

Hello, and one which we're going to be calling principles. So when I mentioned the term

principles, you only thinking of three things. Okay. And I mentioned the pillars, you're going to be thinking of four things. So firstly, we're going to take the first principle

which encompasses the four pillars

The first principle states right?

You may know and assume that he will Gemma and akula Maria Kathy hodel Konichiwa. And can Amanda Jani Oh the descent of the la, the house of form see it.

So the first principle, it states that Allison our Jenna I believe that everything that takes place in this earth, whether it be from individuals, or whether it be from their actions, then it is encompassed in four things. The knowledge of Allah, the writing of Allah, the will of Allah, and the creation of Allah. This is the first principle.

You know, as soon as he was an akuna yaka, he had a phone Siva and Ken Anil, Arianna was on the naughty hour and Linda he wakita Betty Houma she, it was

that Alison was gonna believe that everything that takes place in this earth, whether it be from individuals, or their actions are encompassed in four things, the knowledge of Allah, his writing, his will and his creation. So that is the first principle and as for the four pillars that we were referring to, then they are the four things that I mentioned indispensable, the knowledge of Allah, his writing, his will and his creation.

So Can someone repeat for me the four pillars inshallah,

what are the four pillars?

So, that is the first principle and the four pillars.

Okay, now what we're going to be doing is under this first principle, we're going to be explaining the four pillars.

The first pillar that we mentioned is the knowledge of, of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Okay. So now the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Just like father, it is an ocean that has no shores, meaning that Allah subhanho wa Taala his knowledge is not limited in any sense of the world, that he knows what was, he knows what is and he knows what will be. Now above and beyond that, anything that wasn’t had a dent, Allah subhanho wa Taala would have known how it was.

Okay? So Allah knowledge encompasses four things as well. Okay. He knows what took place. He knows what is happening. He knows what will happen. And he knows what didn’t happen, had it happened, how it would have happened. So, these are the four things that Allah subhanaw taala is knowledge encompasses. So anything your mind can imagine in terms of time, Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge of that time, whether it be past, present, future or even non-existence and as well as if you have

Allah subhanho wa Taala, knowing

what didn't occur and had it occurred, how it wouldn't occur, how it would have occurred. Allah Subhana Allah mentions this, in several is as a Quran. And this is, you know, interesting to note down when, especially, you know,

certain individuals who try to argue either in the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala they say that Allah doesn't have knowledge of the future, or he didn't have knowledge of what they didn't have and how it could have been. It's easy to quote these ideas and prove to them that Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge of all things. So the first proof of Allah subhanho wa Taala having knowledge of what didn’t happen, but had it happened how it would have happened is in source of Toba. I am number 47.

Allah subhanho wa Taala says, No Cora juicy cone nyjah. I comb in life. Allah subhanaw taala says that, had they come out amongst you? They would have increased you only in Los Angeles guidance that Allah Spano tala is referring to the moon so clean, that had they come out with the Muslims to wage war against the forest, they would have only increased the delivery in misguidance and in loss. So obviously, we know that the municipium they didn’t come out with the believers in charge, all right, but why did he stay the way they were? And he made excuses. And I know what Allah is telling us over here, had they come out, this is what would have happened. So suddenly that didn't happen.

But had it occurred, this is how it would have happened. This was the last panel that is telling us that if the Manasa thing came out to the believers, it would have only increased them in loss, and in misguided And likewise, Allah, Allah says, in total answer is 23. And this is an important one as well. Allah, Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah who see him Hi, Ella, last now whom when I was not homeless, I will lower whom are a boon that Allah subhanho wa Taala, he says, that tide Allah subhanho wa Taala known any good in these people, he would have made them here in he has it would have granted them the ability to hear, right. And as they heard, they still would have turned away

in rejection. So let's panatela again, is talking about

the misguided people who turned away from the message of Islam, that Allah subhanaw taala took away their hearing. Now had Allah subhanho wa Taala granted them the ability to hear, he still tells us what would have happened had Allah granted them the ability to hear, they still would have turned away from the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

Now, this is something that could have happened, but didn't happen and had it happened, this how it would have occurred, right? Now, I want you to imagine something that to us is impossible, right?

Can you imagine the you know the non thinkable, the impossible? To a certain degree you can, but in reality, you actually can't. Because our minds can only imagine something which is physically possible, something we've already perceived previously, right? Like our minds don’t have the capability to think of something that someone hasn’t implanted or you know, suggested to us previously, but Allah subhanaw taala he tells us of something else. So he tells us of the impossible.

Now, is it possible for there to be another god with Allah subhanaw taala? Is it possible? No. Is it possible to be another creative with a left panel with Allah? No, this is not possible either. Now, let us look and take a seat and let us look and see what Allah Allah says in social media. Ayah 22. Right. Laurie mentioned and we agreed that it is not possible for there to be another creator, or another god besides Allah subhanaw taala now this is something which is impossible. It was it's not even possible for it to happen, right? Yet Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us Had it been possible, this is what would have happened, Allah, Allah says, No, can I see him and he has shown in La La,

la, la sutra data, that has been another ILA. Has there been another deity worthy of worship? besides Allah, it would have, you know, there would have been chaos, there would have been confusion and destruction. So this is something which is impossible. It's not even conceivable that there is another god with Allah subhanaw taala. Yet Allah subhanaw taala his knowledge encompasses this as well, that there has been another god, it would have called chaos and destruction. So this is again, talking about the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala.

So now, what are the proofs? What are further proof for the infinite knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala

The first proof you can put is Sora. Saba is number three which is solar 34 Hi number three. Allah Spanos, Allah says animal Aveda. As a man whom is called underwriting system. What do you want to sell? Wanna die Nicola aka elaphiti chademo been around Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he is the one who has knowledge of the unseen and Nothing escapes his knowledge, not even the smallest of atoms from the sky, or the earth, nothing smaller than it is nothing bigger than it, except that it was written sikita demo being in a book which is clear. So obviously, it's also proof for the writing of Allah subhanaw taala. But right now we're using this as a proof for the unlimited

knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So now at the beginning of this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about how he has knowledge of the unseen, he calls himself animal rights. And obviously this is a title, which is not permissible to use for anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala like we know our scholars, we call them arland and Allah, but we cannot, you know, call them Allah, Allah, or animal rights. Right? This is something which is restricted to Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. And it's an important point to understand that, you know, when you go back to Eastern countries, wherever it may be, you find people who claim to have knowledge of the unseen. In actuality, they do

not have knowledge of the unseen. What they're doing, though, is having contact with gyms, and other evil spirits, to try to find out hidden secrets for mankind. And in actuality, it is only Allah subhanaw taala that has knowledge of the unseen

likewise, another proof for the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala is in total anon which is Surah number six, ie number 69. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Wang de homosassa hollaway now Yamaha Illa who write Allah subhanaw taala he says, and he is the one who has the keys to the unseen and no one knows them except for him. So now if Allah subhana wa tada has knowledge of the unseen, this obviously necessitates that he has knowledge of the unseen as well.

So now those are two eyes from the Quran, pertaining to the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala. And then actually a Hadith of the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, any Hadees which is mentioned by both Bukhari and Muslim

men in communist in Illa, waka the only woman below her agenda see when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said that there is not a single one of you,

except that it is known where its soul will be in terms of gentleness and now, sama, Allah’s Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is affirming the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala and how we know who will be in general and who will be enough and all this again, this is referring to the knowledge of the unseen for which one of us can claim to know who are being genuine Now, obviously none other than Allah subhana wa Taala. So this is an example from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, the second pillar, what is the second pillar?

the writing of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

As for the waiting of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, then Allah subhana wa jennah we believe that Allah subhana wa Jalla wrote everything that will be 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth, every single thing that will be from the smallest of things, to the biggest of things. Allah subhanho wa Taala wrote it in a book,

which is entitled A low Halima food, or in other places of the Quran is called ultra taboo movie, or Alina Modine. These are terms that are used for the Allahu Allahu Allah subhanho wa Taala wrote everything that will take place in the creation 50,000 years prior to the creation of the heavens and the earth.

Now, as I am indicating this was a go Swift,

Allah, Allah says in Surah, Al Hajj, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Masha Allah, he was in a delicacy catering in Napa Valley kalama he has to say that Allah Subhana Allah says, And did you not know that Allah knows everything that is in the heavens and the earth? Indeed, that indeed all of that is in a book, and indeed it is something which is easy to Allah subhanaw taala so the book that Allah Allah is referring to in this ayah is the law is the law

and likewise, almost sandwich Allah, He says

So I have seen is was vocal Lucy and a signer who see in any movie that indeed we have preserved everything and noted everything down in the clear leader or the clear or manifest leader de la mano de de de la palma. So these are two proofs from the Quran, where Allah subhana wa tada establishes his writing, or he achieved his writing to himself, which encompasses all of the corner and actually Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Then in a hadith reported by email Muslim Rahim Allah, Allah, Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, cassava lahoma cardiol. Allah if Lucas and I was even on the same scene, I'll send a call to Arusha who Allah that deposits on the law

and he will send them said that Allah wrote, the three destinations, and the ordained mix of all of the creation, before the creation of the heavens and the earth by 60,000 years, that before Allah subhanaw taala created the heavens and the earth by 50,000 years, he wrote down the destiny of each and everything.

And likewise, this concept of cassava, or the concept of the writing of Allah subhanaw taala Not only is established by the text of the Quran, and by the text of the pseudonym, but likewise, it was something which was very well known by the Sahaba and the Saudis and their followers as well. The the Saudi by the name of Abu Hasan, Salamanca, God knows, he said in the La Jolla del Halina fabula

sama dolphin, Allah in Mohave Akita de so he said that Indeed Allah Subhana Allah Allah, He knew before he wrote, right? Allah subhanho wa Taala knew before he wrote,

and he wrote before he created, so Allah knowledge and his writing, preceded this creation. This is what the tagging says. So we knew, we know that this concept of the wedding of Allah subhanaw taala. And in actuality, these four pillars of cada, even though they weren't written down in this order, during the time of the Sahaba, they had become very well known during the time of discharging, like we see from Abu Hasan that what was the first thing he mentioned, the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala right. Then he mentioned the Kitazawa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then lastly, he mentioned the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. And as well as the third pillar, which is the mercy

of Allah subhanho wa Taala or the will of Allah subhanaw taala then genuinely, this is something which is understood that how can Allah Panos Allah know something, and create something yet not will it? Right, so this is something which is generally encompassed. But over time, when the deviant groups came about, it became important to explicitly mentioned this third point of Mercia as well.

So now, we get to a very interesting point. And in terms of the ketubah of Allah subhanaw taala, the waiting of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

When did Allah subhanho wa Taala write our specific destinies. You know, each and every one of us has a specific destiny, or what they call a tough deal. You know, what is destined for you? And what is it destined for you? When did Allah subhanho wa Taala write and decide all of this?

genuinely, there are three types of deer and there's a difference of opinion as to the fourth. So we’ll discuss each one in as much detail as we can be in the Allahu taala the foot of the deer is what would they call a chakra D or an armory? Right. And there is an armory

is what is decided in terms of how long the slave will live? When will he die? How will he die? Will he be happy? Will he be sad? And this is a scene in which had his Does anyone know?

The Hadith alone Do you know the Hadith?

Okay, does anyone know the Hadith?

Hello, I see you know the gist of the hurricane Sharma. But this is known as our sonicwall mosquito.

This Hadith is narrated by Abdullah methodologies. Allahu Allahu, and he starts off by saying that the most truthful of the truth was said right and the reason why he mentioned this is because obviously this hadith deals with something with only

Biologists recently found out and that is how the creation of the human being takes place in the womb of the mother. Right? That's why it's sort of the study in a specific manner by saying, call a saw the calmest look say that the most truthful of truth was said, and towards the end of this study.

It's something you know, very interesting and unique, that even though the concept of how the embryo grows, and the likes of it is something unknown, how do you have a sense of is something which is even more unknown to us, which is even more reason that we would call the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw the mosquito. So he says at the end of this Hadith,

Yamato Dr. dykema, the Saturday rescue he was really he was a man he was on our side.

That was the study, it was any of the study

on how in how the womb is described and how the creation takes place. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that then an angel is sent to the room in which he blows in the Spirit, he goes into the room, and it is commanded with four words, it is commanded in terms of a service. And likewise, it is commanded in terms of how long it will live, and it is commanded in terms of the actions it will do. And then lastly, it is commanded in terms of whether it be happy, or whether it be suffering, meaning upset, and discontent. Right. So this is what they call a severe anomaly, that prior to the birth of the womb, he is ordered with these four things, that all these four things are noted down

And then, secondly, we have what they call a taco day or a sandwich.

And what we mean by a taco do a sandwich

every year, there is one day where the angels are commanded by Allah subhanho wa Taala to write down everything that will happen for the slave the upcoming year.

Right. Does anyone have an idea what that day is?

Okay, it’s Layla toccata Kamala, who said

no, this is not a contradiction.

I will explain these Allahu taala as for the top directory, then on the night of Laila toccata, Allah subhanho wa Taala writes orders the angels to write and record everything that will happen for this particular individual for the up and coming here.

Does that tell us Let me finish I will explain particle level. Okay. Now, where did we get this understanding from?

Does anyone have an idea where we got this understanding from? Did I just make it up on the spot?

Does that philosophy how do we understand the Quran in the center?

But I must be how do we understand the Quran and the Sunnah.

But more specifically, I was referring to the understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah, upon the understanding of the seller of the soma, meaning the Sahaba and their successes and their successes. Home the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described as the best of nations. We have to understand the Quran and the Sunnah as they understood it.

the companions and the students from the companions of the love Yama, and from your successes, Mujahid, while hassanal bursary was the item that you buy, while casada and you can look this up in the robbery, this Elijah and boy in 25 pages one to eight and 109

Well, Allah subhana wa Tada. He says, See how Yara Saku hominin Hakeem that on this day, meaning

Allah is talking about a little further that on this day, it will be known what the person did in terms of good, right? And obviously it encompasses the good and the bad. So meaning that obviously if you know a person’s good deeds, then everything else that he did was bad. Okay.

So the companion Abdullah, Myanmar, and Mujahideen, Al Hassan and imageware and Qatada were of the opinion and

the teacher who taught me in this class by the name of solid Hudson de Hafiz Allah, he told us that according to the other text of the Quran and the Sunnah, that support is that there is also the top of their SNMP meaning that every night on laylat, Okada that the future, what is to take place in the future for the each individual is written down as well.

Now, there is a third up there, and then I will address the issue of how there is no contradiction between the three top of the earth. The third of there is what they call a top of their aliona right on top there, which is Allah subhanaw taala orders the angels to write every day

is anyone who has minimized sort of Magnolia

salata versus Allah, Allah, Allah says, Kula Yeoman who has a sign that indeed every day, Allah subhanho wa Taala is in some sort of action, right? And this action has been referred to, if you will, back to the test here, you will find that

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Lord, this is a hadith was mentioned in the books of this year, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Ninja and he is going through the Caribbean, common aliaga hearing that the action of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is being referred to in this hadith in this ayah is that the prophets of Allah Hanyu Salim said is that he is either forgiving a sin or alleviating a difficulty and hardship, or is raising a nation or is disgracing another nation? Right? This is what the ayah means that when Allah subhanaw taala says Kala Yeoman who was Eastern that every day he is in an action and this hadith is mentioned in the case of

But he mentions it without a chain of narration. So it's actually called the Hadith which is Moloch but actually completes it with its sonnet and then it is mentioned in the Sahaba huband and likewise indecent and new measure and calvani Rahim Allah, He said that the Hadith was

is there more to the taqdeer than I would have mentioned or Is that it? We mentioned

the last the last one is tough to make that every day of the year is written.

Necesar ingrediente salata ruseasca

  • 3 potatoes
  • 3 eggs
  • 5-6 castraveţi acri
  • 2 felii/bucăţi gogoşar acru
  • 3 morcovi
  • 300 gr mazăre
  • 150 gr fasole verde
  • 2 linguri de muştar
  • 100 ml ulei de măsline
  • zeama de la o jumătate de lămâie
  • 2-3 linguri de maioneză
  • salt

Pentru început tăiem cubuleţe castraveţii şi gogoşarul acru şi îi ăsăm deoparte să se scurgă. Fierbem cartofii în coajă şi, după ce se răcesc, îi curăţăm şi îi tăiem cubuleţe. De asemenea, fierbem morcovi şi îi tăiem cubuleţe. Într-un alt vas fierbem mazărea şi fasolea verde. Ouăle fierte bine se curăţă, se separă gălbenuşul de albuş. Albuşul se mărunţeşte cubuleţe. Legumele nu trebuie fierte excesiv pentru a nu rezulta un terci, ci trebuie să-şi păstreze din fermitate. Toate astfel tăiate şi bine scurse de apă se pun într-un bol încăpător.

Mie îmi place la salata ruseasca o mai mare bogăţie de legume şi culoare, motiv pentru care adaug gogoşarul roşu şi fasolea verde teci. Vă spun din experienţă ca această salată este foarte gustoasă şi dacă o preparăm cu diverse mixuri de legume congelate cum ar fi, de exemplu, cel mexican.

Într-un bol punem gălbenuşurile fierte şi le zdrobim bine cu o furculiţă (sau le trecem printr-o sită). Adăugăm muştarul şi ulei, puţin câte puţin, frecându-le, ca şi la maioneză, cu o lingură de lemn până ce se omogenizează bine. Dăm un praf de sare şi subţiem acest dressing cu zeama de lămăie. Chiar dacă se aseamănă cu maioneza, acest dressing este mai mult un sos în care gustul de muştar se identifică bine. Eu obişnuiesc să adaug la acest sos o lingură bună de maioneză clasică, prin urmare am maioneză şi în salată, nu numai deasupra, ca ornament.

Punem dresingul peste legumele tăiate şi amestecăm bine, ca sosul să învăluie în întregime legumele. Lăsăm salata 10-15 minute, să-şi facă sosul treaba şi să se maturizeze gustul. În final, o putem aşeza pe un platou şi orna cu maioneză.

Dacă vreţi o şi mai mare diversitate, puteţi folosi această salată rusească să umpleţi roşii sau rulouri de şuncă presată. De asemenea, este foarte bună în asociere cu peştele afumat.

7. Salata de varza in stil hawaiian


- o varza de dimensiune medie, tocata

- ananas dintr-o conserva, fara zeama

- mandarine dintr-o conserva, fara zeama

- 1/4 lingurita de piper negru

Method of preparation

Amesteca fructele cu varza intr-un castron mare, adauga maioneza si condimenteaza cu sare si piper. Acopera cu o folie si lasa preparatul la frigider timp de o ora sau chiar doua, daca ai timp, inainte de servire.

Salata de andive si oua cu dressing de mustar

Va invit sa incercati salata aceasta in primul rand delicioasa, dar care are si proprietatea de a ne satura fara sa fie necesar sa ne umplem stomacurile pana la refuz. :))

N e c e s a r e:
2 andive
4 eggs
1 lingurita mustar
30ml ulei de masline
70 ml iaurt.

P r e p a r a r e:
Mustarul l-am frecat cu uleiul de măsline. Eu am pus mustar clasic, fara alte artificii. Am adaugat apoi iaurtul si am amestecat pana a devenit o crema omogena.

Andivele le-am desfacut frunza cu frunza, pe care le-am taiat apoi fasii ca sa nu fie chiar asa de mari. Ouale le-am fiert cam 6 minute, dupa care le-am taiat felii.

Am pus dressingul peste andive si oua si salata a fost gata de servit. Este foarte usor sa preparam o cina, de exemplu, sanatoasa si gustoasa.

Trei rețete de salată de ardei copți ce te vor cuceri instant!

Salata de ardei copți este una dintre cele mai bune salate de vară, potrivită pentru orice friptură sau garnitură. Iată trei rețete de salată de ardei copți, pe care n-ar trebui să le ratezi, în plin sezon al ardeilor ce abundă piețele cu multitudinea lor de culori!

Trei rețete de salată de ardei copți

Salata de ardei copți este una dintre cele mai bune salate de vară, potrivită pentru orice friptură sau garnitură. Iată trei rețete de salată de ardei copți, pe care n-ar trebui să le ratezi, în plin sezon al ardeilor ce abundă piețele cu multitudinea lor de culori!

1. Rețeta Salată de ardei copți cu sos de roșii și usturoi

  • 8-10 buc. ardei gras, galben
  • 3-4 roșii de grădină bine coapte
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic
  • 1 lingură ulei
  • 1 linguriță oțet
  • salt to taste
  • opțional, 1 linguriță de zahăr

Rețeta Salată de ardei copți cu sos de roșii și usturoi - Preparare

Se coc ardeii pe grătar, se presară cu sare și se lasă la odihnit acoperiți cu o folie alimentară.

Vedeți AICI sfaturi și trucuri pentru a curăța ardeii copți, perfect!

Ardeii curățați se pun într-un vas încăpător, sau într-o salatieră.

Usturoiul se curăță, se pisează în mojar, presărat cu sare și se freacă cu ulei ca pentru mujdei. Se adaugă și puțin oțet.

Roșiile se opăresc în apă clocotită, se curăță și se toacă mărunt, apoi se amestecă cu usturoiul. Se adaugă și puțină zeamă de la ardeii copți, sau puțin zahăr.

2. Rețeta Salată de ardei copți cu usturoi și anșoa

  • 3 ardei capia
  • 2 gogoșari
  • 1 conservă mică de anșoa în ulei
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic
  • puțin oțet
  • salt
  • pepper

Rețeta Salată de ardei copți cu usturoi și anșoa - Preparare

Se coc ardeii, se curăță și se taie în fâșii.

Se curăță usturoiul, iar 3-4 căței de pisează cu sare.

Se adaugă ulei de la anșoa și se freacă, apoi se potrivește gustul cu oțet și piper.

Cu acest dressing se ung ardeii copți și se adaugă peste ei rondele de usturoi și bucățile de anșoa.

3. Rețeta Salată de ardei copți cu sos de muștar cu miere

  • 1 kg ardei capia și gogoșari
  • 1 medium onion
  • 100 ml oil
  • 1-2 linguri oțet
  • 1-2 linguri miere
  • 1 lingură muștar cu hrean
  • 1 linguri muștar dulce, sau clasic
  • salt to taste
  • 1-2 foi de dafin

Rețeta Salată de ardei copți cu sos de muștar cu miere - Preparare

Se coc ardeii capia și gogoșarii, se curăță și se lasă la scurs.
Ceapa tocată solzișori se călește în puțin ulei. Se adaugă și foile de dafin și ardeii copți, tăiați în fâșii.
Se prepară o maioneză din muștar cu ulei, apoi se adaugă mierea și sare, după gust.
Se adaugă ardeii căliți cu ceapa și se asezonează cu oțet, după gust. Se omogenizează bine amestecul și se servește. Se poate păstra și peste iarnă( vedeți aici rețeta).

Cum se face salata de pătrunjel. Vitamina C la maxim

Pătrunjelul provine din sudul Europei și a fost cultivat pentru prima oară în urmă cu 2000 de ani. Acesta a fost inițial utilizat ca plantă medicinață, înainte de a fi consumat că aliment.

Bogat în vitamina C, chiar mai mult decât lămâia, pătrunjelul poate fi un întăritor natural al sistemului imunitar, bun stimulent al sistemului nervos, antiinfecţios, vasodilatator, bun regenerator capilar.

Pătrunjelul este unul dintre cele șapte condimente care lupta împotriva multor bolilor, alături de ghimbir, oregano, scorțișoară, șofran, salvie și ardei roșu iute.

Deseori, pătrunjelul este subapreciat, deși are importante calități nutritive și paleative. Majoritatea oamenilor nu cunosc beneficiile sale și îl folosesc doar pentru a decora diverse tipuri de mâncăruri.

Deși este încă incert când și unde a început să fie consumat pătrunjelul ca și condiment, istoricii presupun că acest lucru s-ar fi întâmplat în Evul mediu, în Europa.

Cum se face salata de pătrunjel

Pătrunjelul este nelipsit din prepararea multor feluri de mâncare, fiind un aliment sănătos. Dar, pătrunjelul poate fi vedetă într-o salată de vară, răcoroasă și gustoasă.

Many shuyookh and gnostics have related the benefits of regularly reciting Salatul Fatih, of which there are many. The great gnostic Shaykh Ahmad al-Sawi (d. 1241 AH/1825 CE), who was also a leading scholar at Al-Azhar mentioned the following in his commentary on the litany of Shaykh Ahmad al-Dardir (d. 1204 AH/1786 CE), from whom he took the religious sciences and the spiritual path from:

Among its benefits is that whoever recites it just once in his lifetime will not enter the Hellfire

Some have said that a single recitation of this prayer is equal to 10,000 — and some say 600,000—other prayers.

It is also said that whoever recites this prayer continuously for 40 days, Allah will accept his repentance for all his sins.

Whoever recites this 1000 times during a Thursday, Friday, or Monday night shall gather with the Prophet . The recitation of this prayer should commence after offering 4 units of prayer, in which one recites Sura al-Qadr in the first unit, Sura al-Zalzala in the second, Sura al-Kafirun in the third, and the two Suras of seeking refuge (Sura al-Falaq and Sura al-Nas) in the fourth. After reading this prayer one should burn some aloeswood scent (Oudh). Try this if you wish.

The benefits of Salatul Fatih were also mentioned by Sayyid Ahmad Dahlan (d. 1304 AH / 1886 CE) in his compilation of prayers. He said:

This prayer is ascribed to my master, the perfect pole and noble master of prophetic pedigree, Shaykh Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani. It is beneficial for beginners in the path as well as those in the middle and the end. Many of the gnostics have noted its secrets and marvels that perplex minds.

Whosoever recites it consistently 100 times each day will have several veils removed from him, and will receive lights and facilitation of needs to such an extent that only Allah knows.

Shaykh Habib Muhammad al-Haddar (d. 1418 AH/1997 CE) from the blessed city Madina said:

One who recites Salatul Fatih on Thursday evenings 100 times will see the Prophet in their dream, and this has been tried and tested, Praise be to Allah! One who recites it 100 times every day and is steadfast upon it, many veils will be lifted from them, they will receive divine lights and their wishes will be fulfilled and their knowledge will remain solely with Allah.

It has also been said that if you need to overcome a problem or an obstacle, each night after Isha, do wudhu and perform two units of prayer, then ask Allah for openings and recite Salatul Fatih 10 times. Continue and persevere with this until you receive openings.

Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz recommends reciting Salatul Fatih 10,000 times during the month of Rabi al-Awwal.

Salata de muraturi, dulce acrisoara este un mix de legume perfect alese pentru a acoperi toata aria legumelor ce pot fi puse impreuna in cea mai buna salata de muraturi. Este o salata de muraturi ce nu are nevoie de conservanti, caci legumele feliate subtire se conserva perfect in zeama lasata de acestea, la care se adauga otet cu zahar. In salata aceasta avem varza, conopida, castraveti, ardei, morcovi, carora li se alatura rosii bine coapte, ceapa alba si 1 ardei iute pentru a completa gustul. Pentru amatorii de salate picante cantitatea de ardei iute poate creste considerabil la 3 bucati. Nu folosim apa pentru ca legumele (in mod special rosiile) vor lasa suficient lichid ce va putea fi folosit pentru procesul de conservare.

Eu am trecut mai jos cantitatile de ingrediente folosite de mine, dar puteti sa le adaptati dupa gust sau in functie de ce aveti prin casa. Dealtfel, salata mea are ingredientele modificate fata de reteta primita de la prietena mea. Eu am adaugat ardei gras, dar la fel de bun ar fi gogosarii.

Din cantitatil de mai jos au iesit aproximativ 3 l de salata, dar cantitatea poate fi influentata de cat de zemoase sunt rosiile.

In mod normal, toate muraturile ar trebui sa contina hrean. Pentru aceasta salata nu avem nevoie. Eu am mancat-o anul trecut la o prietena si credeti-ma cand va spun ca este perfecta. Gustul dulce-acrisor al legumelor murate a mers foarte bine langa mancarea de cartofi pregatita de mama ei. Daca vreti neaparat sa folositi hrean, atunci puneti cate o fasie sau doua peste legume, inainte de a inchide borcanul.

Mai am o salata de muraturi, reteta preluata de la mama finei mele, dar aceasta are conservant. O gasiti here. Nici in aceasta salata nu am folosit apa, lichidul care il gasim in conserva fiind lasat de legume, la care se adauga otet.

Alte muraturi de succes, in combinatii si texturi diferite: zarzavat pentru ciorbe la borcan, dovlecei in suc de rosii la borcan, vinete in sos de rosii la borcan. Va invit sa le incercati pe toate, cu promisiunea ca nu veti regreta alegerea lor.

Salatele de muraturi castiga din ce in ce mai multi fani pentru ca aduna in ele gusturi si texturi diferite, dar puse impreuna se completeaza perfect.

Salata poate fi consumata dupa 4-6 saptamani, in functie de temperatura la care sunt tinute borcanele. De preferat ar fi sa fie pastrate in loc intunecat, la rece.


(aprox. 3 l salata dulce acrisoara de legume murate)

200 ml otet de vin alb de 9°

80 g sare pentru muraturi

1 teaspoon peppercorns

Pentru a vedea modul in care am pregatit salata va las filmul de mai jos.

Cum sa faci salata de simplu crab delicios

Cel mai simplu mod de a găti o gustare în versiunea tradițională: Se amestecă toate ingredientele, le-a pus într-un castron salata. opțiuni foarte populare salată de crab sub formă de fulgi, gustări reci în formă de bile cu amestec de salate. Alte opțiuni - salata cocktail à la carte sau pe o mare ochelari transparent kremanki, salata pentru tartlet gustare, rola salata într-o lipie subțire. Încercați diferite rețete și opțiuni pentru introducerea populare feluri de mâncare tradiționale.

O reteta clasica cu bastoane de crab și porumb

Reteta clasica pentru salata de crab este incredibil de simplu. Singurul produs care necesită o pregătire în avans - ouă. Unele retete recomanda adăugarea acestuia la mere proaspete, decora felii de portocale, prune uscate. Dacă se dorește, se adaugă ceapa verde sau praz, iar unele maioneza sau înlocuitor smântână iaurt neîndulcit. Ceapă marinată de dorit în prealabil, pentru a îndepărta gustul amar.

  • murat porumb dulce - 1 bancă
  • bastoane crab - 200 g
  • sunca (de preferință scăzut de grăsimi) - 200 g
  • Ouă de pui - 6 bucati
  • maioneza, sare - la propria sa discreție.

  • Pe bețe de crab mici pene de tăiat, șuncă.
  • Ouă fin shinkuem.
  • Aruncați sosul obținut din porumb.
  • Punerea ouă, bastoane, porumb, maioneza, sare, se amestecă.

Cu avocado si orez

salata de mare cu carne de crab și orez - un fel de mâncare populară comună pe mesele noastre. Dacă adăugați avocado, acesta va avea un gust neobișnuit de salata, cu o prezență în compoziția de batoane de crab. Același efect se va substitui vermicelli de orez de pregătire rapidă, paste mici. Ei vor difuza coerența gustări. Încercați amestec finit din Hawaii, care include orez, porumb, mazăre.

  • avocado - 2 buc .
  • carne de crab - 300 g
  • orez (uscat) - 200 g
  • ananas - 3 inele
  • Ceapa ceapa dulce - jumatate din bulb
  • conținut scăzut de calorii maioneza - 2 linguri. L .
  • smântână - 3 linguri. L .
  • albastru brânză - 50 g
  • condimente dupa gust.

  • Figura se spală, se umple cu apă rece, de așteptare pentru fierbere, se spală. Se fierbe până când fierte, se spală din nou, se răcește. Dacă utilizați fidea, apoi a pus firimituri uscate cu tăiței piure.
  • Se taie felii mici de ananas. Cu pulpa de avocado este scos, se taie în cuburi.
  • carne de crab tăiat în felii medii.
  • Se prepară umplutura: brânză de luare chips-uri caș, cu smântână mash acru si maioneza. Se adauga condimentele.
  • ceapa foarte fin cojit shinkuem, a pus într-un sos.
  • Se amestecă toate ingredientele. Este necesar să-l umple cu sos picant, pentru a schimba intr-un bol salata.

Cu varză chinezească

Salata de crab cu varză cunoscută în mai multe variante. Componentele sale sunt toate tipurile de varza: varza, broccoli, de culoare roșie, conopidă, varză creață, chineză. Încercați să pregătească o salată de crab și varză chinezească "Vânătoare". Cei care aderă la dieta, mai degrabă decât de varză chinezească este mai bine de a utiliza salata verde, maioneza sau dieta iaurt, ceea ce va reduce conținutul caloric al meselor. Încercați ambele opțiuni!

  • bastoane crab - 250 g
  • castravete svizhiy- 1 buc .
  • Ouă - 4 buc .
  • Peking varza - 200 g
  • porumb conserve - 200 g
  • maioneza - 4 linguri. l.

  • Pre-nevoia de a fierbe ouă fierte tare, să le răcească.
  • Apoi, ouăle sunt curate, le rupe în bucăți, folosind un răzătoare.
  • bastoane de crab dezghețate se taie în cuburi mici.
  • Castravete proaspat shinkuem spălate fâșii subțiri.
  • Kachan varza mea chineză, au fost uscate cu un prosop de hârtie, fin shinkuem.
  • răspândit porumb la castron salata.
  • Există, de asemenea, adauga ouale tocate, bastoane de crab tocate, castraveti si varza tocata.
  • Se amestecă, se îmbrăcat cu sare, maioneza, decora cu verdeață, a servit pe masă.

Cu roșii

Combinația neobișnuită de tomate dulce și acru, cu ardei gras proaspete, carne de pui cu carne de crab si usturoi, salata de usturoi cu porumb oferi o aromă proaspătă extrem de bogată. Deci, el a primit titlul de merit "Royal". Unii bucătari în loc de ouă pus omleta cu clatite felii, plus ciuperci marinate (miere agaric ciuperci, ciuperci, ciuperci).

  • 2 pachete de stick-uri de crab
  • 2 oua de pui,
  • 1 pod de ardei dulce
  • 1 bulb ceapa medie
  • 1 borcan de porumb murat
  • 3 roșii proaspete sau cireșe roșii 8 bucăți
  • Piept de pui la gratar pe jumătate
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • plante aromatice, sare, maioneza pe cont propriu.

  • Gatiti oua, se răcește fiert tare, coaja de pe coajă.
  • porumb conserve este aruncat înapoi într-o strecurătoare.
  • Se curăță ceapa, se taie în inele sferturi.
  • roșiile mele, se taie în bucăți mici.
  • Insamantate benzi de ardei shinkuem.
  • Ouă fin cotlet, piept de pui.
  • Toate alimentele preparate ne-am pus intr-un bol salata, se adauga ratarea prin căței de usturoi de presă, a pus verdeață, maioneza si sare. Tot amestecul.


Salata de rețete cu crab și brânză folosind tip tare, cârnați sau brânză, brânză feta, și chiar sare Adygei brânză suluguni. Încercați rețeta cu bețe de crab și brânză. Puneți la loc greu la crema de brânză moale sau afumat, se taie toate ingredientele pe un răzătoare, descarcati salata cu bile de greutate. A face aceste tartlets umplute cu frunze de rucola sau rola in marar, pune pe un platou cu varf. Vei avea o gustare frumos și neobișnuit!

  • bastoane crab - 1 pachet (250 g)
  • Conserve din porumb - 1 poate (aproximativ 350 g)
  • Ouă de găină - 5 buc .
  • brânză tare - 200 g
  • usturoi proaspat - 2 catei
  • maioneza slaba, sare dupa gust.

  • ouă fierte tare, s-a răcit, se toaca grosolan.
  • bete dezghețate se taie in cuburi mari.
  • cuburi mari tăiate de brânză.
  • De la băncile să fuzioneze marinată de porumb.
  • Pentru a freca sos de maioneza cu usturoi pisat într-o presă, se adaugă sare, dacă este necesar.
  • Toate ingredientele preparate sunt amestecate, îmbrăcat cu un amestec de sos.

Cu castravete

Una dintre cele mai neobișnuite rețete cu castravete - salata de "snacks-uri." Pe langa versiunea traditionala este a doua rețetă "Gustări", în care toate componentele sunt tăiate în cuburi și se amestecă. Amestec de fructe de mare cu muraturi traditionale. Încercați să voteze sau o combinație standard, de experiment, înlocuind castravete ridichea alba, ridiche, capere și tulpină de țelină, se adaugă mazăre verde.

  • bastoane crab - 300 g
  • castravete - 1 buc .
  • Ouă de găină - 3 buc .
  • porumb marinat - 1 bancă
  • muștar - 2 linguri. L .
  • ceapa verde - 1 buchet
  • Maioneză - 150 g
  • Kiwi - 3 buc.

  • bastoane de crab sunt dezghețate, discuri.
  • Ouă fierte si se toaca marunt ceapa.
  • fructe de kiwi cojit tăiat în bucăți mici.
  • Cu muștar și maioneză face alimentarea cu combustibil.
  • Castravetele tăiat în cercuri subțiri.
  • Pune straturi de produse, promazyvaya pansament lor: bastoane crab, porumb dulce, ceapa verde, oua kiwi.
  • Decora stratul superior al cercurilor de castravete.

Video: Πολίτικη σαλάτα Επ. 15. Kitchen Lab TV. Άκης Πετρετζίκης (August 2022).