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9 Great Recipes for Super Bowl!

9 Great Recipes for Super Bowl!

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Get the best recipes to serve for your Super Bowl party right here! We've got wings, we've got guacamole, we've got cheesy bread, we've got you covered!

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So, what are you serving up for Super Bowl Sunday? Here are some of the best recipes for cheering on your team. Enjoy the game!

Nine great recipes for Super Bowl Sunday

Guacamole: What’s Super Bowl Sunday without guacamole? This is our favorite avocado dip, with fork-mashed ripe avocados, salt, lime juice to start, and then whatever add-ins you want, like serrano chiles, red onions, tomato, and cilantro.

Ginger Honey Chicken Wings: Irresistible, addictive chicken wings! With a fresh ginger, honey, and soy sauce marinade with just a touch of heat from Sriracha. Great for feeding a crowd.

Cheesy Jalapeno Pull Bread: It’s a cheesy bread hedgehog! This one is so much fun to pull apart. Each bite is loaded with Monterey Jack cheese, and chopped jalapeños and green onions.

Spinach Artichoke Dip with Bacon: How to make a great spinach artichoke dip even better? Put some bacon in it of course! Want to skip the spinach and bacon? Go simple with this quick and easy artichoke dip.

7 Layer Bean Dip: Everyone loves a 7 layer dip, right? This one starts with hot refried beans, so think of it as a warm dip with lots of toppings.

Popcorn: Looking for something simple and healthy? Making popcorn on the stovetop is easy if you know how to do it right. No uncooked kernels or burnt popcorn. Sprinkle with your favorite taco seasoning!

Potato Skins: Just like twice baked potatoes! But without most of the potato part. These are the crispy buttery skins that you bake stuffed with shredded cheddar cheese and chopped bacon, so good! Top with sour cream and sliced green onions.

Cheesy Bread: What’s Cheesy bread? Think garlic bread that has been slathered cheese and toppings, like pizza! It’s a huge hit for parties.

Buffalo Chicken Dip: First there was Buffalo Chicken Wings. Then there was buffalo chicken dip! Think Ranch dressing meets cheddar and cream cheese meets Franks Buffalo Wing sauce, all baked until hot and oozy. Perfect for bread dipping!

Chili Recipes: Still want more ideas for Super Bowl? Check out our favorite chili recipes! Hearty chili for big appetites.

43 Super Bowl Recipes for Game Day

It’s not exactly like I am a football aficionado. I don’t actually think football fans use the word aficionado very much. But my guys are all big, big fans (how big of course depends who is playing), and I am a person who likes to cook for people while they are doing something they enjoy, so it all works out nicely.

Here are some recipes you will want to consider for Super Bowl Sunday, no matter who makes it to the big game, and who ends up in front of the tv with you. We’ve got chili, we’ve got dips, we’ve got wings, we’ve got subs, we’ve got quesadillas, we’ve got pizza…we’ve got you!

43 Recipes for the Super Bowl and Game Day: Exactly what you want to eat while you are rooting for your team.

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60 Best Super Bowl Recipes to Feed Your Hungry Football Crew

If you're a football-loving family like the Drummonds, then Super Bowl Sunday is probably a big deal in your house, regardless of which teams are playing. The best part about this day is that anyone can get in on the fun, football fan or not. There are commercials and halftime shows to keep you interested, and of course, tons of delicious Super Bowl recipes to keep you full. Between delicious Super Bowl snacks and appetizers, main courses, Super Bowl drinks, and more, the possibilities are endless. Every year, Ree Drummond can't wait for the big game. "Part of this is because I love a good football game&hellipand part of it is that I love Super Bowl food," she says. Who can blame her?!

Ahead, you'll find tons of dip recipes, bite-sized snacks, and main dishes to keep you satisfied. Your kids will love the variety of sliders, including Buffalo chicken and mini meatball subs. There are also a few ideas for dinner to keep your football crew full, with lots of comfort food recipes like a big pot of chili and shredded beef sandwiches. And when you're done, it's time for fun Super Bowl desserts! One thing's for sure: This year's Super Bowl menu will be like no other, thanks to these delicious, easy recipes. (And if you're looking to get a little crafty, try your hand at this football-shaped snack board!)

Mini Italian Meatball Sliders

Put together these miniature Italian meatball sliders for a snack-sized version of everyone's favorite football-watching sandwich. Scale-up this recipe for as many sandwiches as you need to feed a small group or a whole party. They're easy enough to assemble, so you can also set out ingredients and let your guests customize their own as the game goes on.

If your going to have meat as a main dish, you’ve to to have the potato side dish to go with it. Impress your guests with something unique like our Parmesan Potato Halves or our Loaded Potato Wedges. If you want to go all out, our stuffed potato recipes are hot, delicious, and filling and can pass as a main dish – especially our BBQ Beef Twice Baked Potatoes.

70 Easy Super Bowl Recipes That Everyone at Your Game-Day Party Will Love

Full of crowd-pleasing dips, appetizers, and snack ideas that deserve a touchdown.

Try as you might, there's no way to guarantee a Super Bowl win for your favorite football team. You can, however, control what kind of grub you serve at your game-day party. Take a look at these standout Super Bowl recipes to build your ultimate party spread, no matter if you're a diehard sports fan looking for fuel on the big night or simply excited about the prospect of making a meal of chicken wings, cheesy dips, and finger foods. Tailor your menu to the size of your crowd: There are recipes perfect for solo celebrations, parties of two, or entire households.

All of these snack ideas &mdash we've included a handful of vegan, vegetarian, and healthy options, too &mdash are touchdown-worthy, especially when loaded up with sauces, marinades, and ooey-gooey goodness. That means, everyone will be happy (and well-fed) from kickoff to MVP pick, even if their favorite team doesn't take home the Super Bowl win. But since most of these eats are hearty and savory, round out your party spread with something sweet, like these Super Bowl desserts and boozy drinks.

For a fun take on a classic pie, dip sliced bread into an ooey-gooey dip, made with layers of sour cream, cream cheese, mozzarella, sauce, and pizza spices.

9 Great Recipes for Super Bowl! - Recipes

Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday? If you’re looking for food ideas to impress your guests this year, we have some truly unique football themed recipes for you to consider! From football pizzas to Super Bowl themed desserts and snacks, we have everything you need to make sure your guests leave feeling satisfied this year.

If you’re looking for football themed food, consider making one of these 9 great ideas this Super Bowl Sunday:

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1. Football Deviled Eggs

These easy deviled eggs are just as delicious as they are cute! Deviled eggs are a great appetizer for any party and these special football-themed versions are perfect for this year’s Super Bowl party. Enjoy!

2. Football Pepperoni Pizzas

Whip up one of these pepperoni pizzas for your guests and they’ll surely be impressed. The fun twist on this traditional football appetizer will leave your friends and family satisfied and appreciative of your creativity.

3. Football Shaped Cheese Balls

Everyone loves cheese, right? Well, almost everyone. The cheese-lovers in your group will go nuts for this festive cheese ball. Pair it with crackers, chips, pitas or tortillas.

4. Football Shaped Fritters

These healthy football-themed zucchini fritters are perfect for your guests who are watching what they eat but still want to enjoy the delicious appetizers at your Super Bowl party. They’re easy, delicious and healthy – it doesn’t get any better than that!

5. Football Themed Veggie Tray

Add a little bit of heart healthy food to your Super Bowl party with this unique veggie tray. Just add a little bit of bread and line it with dip and you have a cute football themed addition to your food table.

6. Super Bowl Stadium Mega Appetizer Plate

This is the most comprehensive (not to mention impressive) football themed food idea we could find. If you can pull this off, your friends and family will definitely be impressed.

7. Football Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These chocolate-dipped strawberries made to look like footballs are adorable little treats that all of your guests will love. From kids to grown adults, there’s not a person in the room who wouldn’t want to down one of these delectable treats.

8. Football Themed Cupcakes

These cute football-themed cupcakes are visually appealing and very satisfying. Who doesn’t like a good cupcake? These treats are the perfect way to cap off your Super Bowl food fiesta.

9. Mini Football Bruschetta Pizzas

These little football pizza pies will absolutely keep your vegetarian guests giddy, but if you have meat lovas in the house, feel free to sprinkle some crisp bacon on top.

If you want to know the best cupcake shop in any major city in America, just ask Angela. This girl knows her sweets, and she isn't shy about letting you know that your german chocolate cake needs more chocolate. If you want to find Angela on any given day, she's probably looking up reviews to decide where to grab lunch, or in her downtime, binge-watching the latest 'it-series' on Netflix.

Nachos are a blank canvas, and you are the artist. For inspiration, look to Pati Jinich’s version with bricklayer-style beef, a beloved taco filling in Mexico, or Andrea Nguyen’s mapo tofu-topped recipe or Priya and Ritu Krishna’s Indian-ish nachos.

This recipe is ideal for those cooks who like the idea of Buffalo wings, but would prefer something just a touch less fussy. A 20-minute, one-pan wonder, this creamy and spicy dip might be the day’s real Super Bowl M.V.P. And while the dip can certainly feed a group, readers found other serving-size alternatives. “Is it bad if two people eat the whole thing in an hour?” wrote one NYT Cooking user. “Asking for a friend.”

7. Shredded Elk Sandwiches

There's nothing like a sandwich made with shredded meat and BBQ sauce. It's a little bit cowboy, maybe, but you really can't beat it. This recipe calls for elk, but if you are only currently in possession of a venison roast you could easily sub that in here.

Quick tip: If you'd like to use BBQ sauce you already have on hand, roast the meat with light seasoning and dress with sauce after shredding.

  • 1 1/2 cups ketchup
  • 3 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon dry mustard powder
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon liquid smoke flavoring
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoons celery salt
  • 2 teaspoons ground black pepper
  • 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 3 drops hot pepper sauce
  • 1 (4 pound) elk roast, cut in half
  • 10 hamburger buns, split

Pigs in Blankets

A must have for many on Super Bowl and any game day, pigs in blankets are super snacks that can be prepared up to one month in advance. (Yes, you read that right!) Our genius recipe not only skips rolling the individual mini sausages on the day of the event, but it actually skips that pesky step entirely. Instead, we make individual pigs out of whole frankfurters or sausages by wrapping them in buttery puff pastry then, they&aposre cut them into attractive two bite pieces. A brush of sweet and savory honey mustard and sprinkle with poppy seeds or sesame, adds a special touch, but that doesn&apost mean you can&apost still serve them with more mustard and ketchup for dipping.

Make-Ahead Strategy: Cut the individual dogs and freeze them spread evenly, but not touching on a sheet tray until firm. Then transfer the unbaked pigs in a blanket to airtight freezer bags or containers for up to one month. Rearrange them on a sheet tray and bake per recipe instructions just before serving.


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