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The 9 Best Wine Delivery Services of 2020

The 9 Best Wine Delivery Services of 2020

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These days, it’s easier to shop online for most of life’s essentials, including wine. But with so many options, where do you turn? You have big players like, which offers thousands of options, but sometimes you want a tighter, more curated selection. Either way, you have many places to find wine online. These are some of our favorites. Do note: Because of strict shipping laws, make sure the site delivers to your state before you load up your cart.

The 9 Best Wine Delivery Services of 2020

  • Bottlerocket: Best Food Pairing
  • Chambers Street Wines: Best Organic/Natural/Biodynamic Stock
  • Gary’s Wine & Marketplace: Best Unique Options
  • K&L Wine Merchants: Best Rare Finds
  • Last Bottle: Best Deals
  • SommPicks: Best High-End
  • Winc: Best Customization
  • Best Mass Market
  • Wine Insiders: Best Bottle Sets

Best Food Pairing: Bottlerocket

When you want to have fun shopping for wine without the headache, head to Bottlerocket’s site. It organizes wines by theme, allowing you to decide what kind of wine you want based on what you’re eating or doing. You can browse by category, but isn’t it more fun to shop by what kind of food you need to pair it with or what’s appropriate as a gift for someone you barely know? (Yes, the latter is an actual category in the gift section.) You have fun drinking wine. Shouldn’t buying it be the same?

Looking for more alcohol delivery services? There are ones for whiskey, beer, and any other liquor, too!

Best Organic/Natural/Biodynamic Stock: Chambers Street Wines

Partners David Lillie and Jamie Wolff opened this shop in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood nearly 20 years ago to highlight wine from small producers, with a focus on organic, natural and biodynamic wines. They test and taste all the wines they carry (read: they don’t use tasting notes or point scores to determine what they buy) to create a uniquely personal and curated inventory with big attention on wines from Austria, Burgundy, Germany, the Loire Valley, Piedmont, and the Rhone. In short, they sell wine they love to help you find wine you’ll love. Plus, the website provides real-time inventory, so you’ll always know what’s in stock.

Best Unique Options: Gary’s Wine & Marketplace

With five physical locations—four in northern New Jersey and one in St. Helena, Calif.—Gary’s has grown to be one of the best sources for both fine and more accessible wine in the country. The team at Gary’s regularly visits wine regions around the world to forge relationships with winemakers and secure wines you may not find elsewhere.

Best Rare Finds: K&L Wine Merchants

Few wine shops are as well respected as K&L, based in Northern California, with an additional shop in Hollywood. K&L’s team has scoured the world for the best wines at great prices since 1976. Whether you’re looking for top bottles from Napa and Sonoma or buzzed-about wines from lesser-known regions in Belize, China, Lebanon and beyond, you don’t have to look far. And if you’re a collector seeking old and rare wines, you’d be hard-pressed to find vintages like this outside of an auction.

Best Deals: Last Bottle

If you like gambling and love finding a great deal on wine even more, you’ll love Last Bottle. And if you act quickly enough each day, you may snag yourself a fantastic find at seriously slashed prices, perhaps 30% to even 70% off retail. Last Bottle features a different bottle of wine each day, from various places around the globe, until it’s gone. The site also features a marathon sale at different times throughout the year, basically a big blow-out wine sale where wines sell out and new wines immediately take their places, refreshing throughout the sale. It’s worth keeping an eye out for.

Best High-End: SommPicks

This site is for wine drinkers with more discerning palates and a bit more money to spend on quality wine. Founded by sommelier Mike Zima, the site seeks out quality bottles, offering them at good prices. You’ll often find small-production wine and bottles by emerging superstars. Will you find cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay? Sure. But you’ll also find more esoteric grapes like mondeuse, friulano and mencia—varietals the wine geeks geek out over.

Best Customization: Winc

What starts with a quiz to determine your wine palate ends up with you receiving a selection of wine each month, customized to your particular preferences. With bottles starting around $13 on average, Winc helps you discover wine from all over the world, much of which it has sourced and bottled itself.

Best Mass Market:

If you buy wine online, surely you’re familiar with It’s likely the largest online wine retailer, with thousands of wines from around the world, generally offered at great prices. Are there run-of-the-mill wines? Of course. But you’ll also discover gems hidden among its offerings as well.

Best Bottle Sets: Wine Insiders

Tired of going to a wine shop and not having the first clue of what to look for? Don’t want to pay a fortune for a great bottle of wine? Wine Insiders launched to help remove both pain points. The site not only features great single bottles in various categories, but the team here also puts together bundles to make it easier to discover wine you like—or may fall in love with. You can get free shipping on orders of six or more bottles, and with many bottles under $20, that’s a good deal.

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