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Fasting sarmale cooked in a Roman dish

Fasting sarmale cooked in a Roman dish

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Wash the rice and set aside until all the vegetables except the tomatoes are diced.

Heat the oil in the wok, over which all the vegetables will be added one by one, depending on how difficult they are to penetrate the fire, so that they do not soften too much, adding rice, raisins and spices at the end, ie salt, pepper and hot pepper.

Now the cabbage leaves must be unfolded and put, if necessary, in the cold water. The middle and the sheets that are not good for wrapping sarmale will be chopped for the base and to be placed on top. The tomatoes will be cut into rounds and placed on the bottom of the Roman bowl after the thyme twig, bay leaves and cloves have been placed before. Put a little oil and tomato juice on top of all this.

A wire will be made from a sheet, so I made them big because the cabbage was big. When I finished the rice composition, the sheets were finished, leaving only one with which I covered everything. Also in the wok put a tablespoon of oil over which put the rest of the tomato juice, the remaining spices, ie cloves and bay leaves and then boil over the sarmale. Cover with the lid of the pot and bake for 2-3 hours at 170 degrees.

Good appetite.

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