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Take these green bananas that are not sweet, peel them quite hard, add a few drops of lemon on them so that they do not turn black.

Green bananas (platano) are used only for food and salads, not eaten like other yellow bananas.

Peel and cut the bananas into slices, put them in a special shape and compact them, taking the shape of a circle, after they have flattened, salt and pepper them, put them in a frying pan.

Fry on both sides, remove from the pan on absorbent napkins, to remove excess fat.

Serve as a side dish to the main course.

Good appetite,

Banana Republic

Bananas play a key role in Ecuador. They maintain the economy over time (Ecuador exports five million tons a year, making it the world's largest exporter of bananas) and provide the basis for countless recipes. Bananas are part of pop culture. In the coastal city of Machala, the biggest annual event is the Feira Mundial del Banana (World Banana Festival), which culminates with a lucky girl being crowned reina del banano (banana queen).

You will come across bananas and plants in many shapes and forms while traveling here, so keep these popular dishes in mind:

  • Glasses dried, dried plantain chips a great snack or accompaniment to soups and ceviches.
  • Green pies Pasta made from green plantain dough and often stuffed with cheese.
  • Majado of green Parsley, peppers and cheese of fish, often covered with a fried egg. Popular for breakfast.
  • Plant Patacones coarse, crushed, fried into chewing pieces.
  • Green Bolts Pahare of cake and cake, often stuffed with cheese or meat.
  • Tigrillo A paste of stuffing, served with eggs and cheese and often sausages or beef.

Visiting the volcanoes with the children & # 8211 Poas Volcano in Costa Rica

You know, I was talking recently about how important I think it is to weave activities that bring joy to the big ones with those that bring joy to the little ones. Well, I think it is necessary to add to the list of those who satisfy both generations, a new activity & # 8211 visits to volcanoes.

The love for the relief created by the volcanoes was born especially in the winters spent in the Canary Islands, where we were equally fascinated by both the huge Teide looking imposingly towards the town of # de2222nostru & # 8221 & # 8211 Puerto de la Cruz and the black beaches , with volcanic sand, lava fields or food cooked directly in geothermal heat (Lanzarote). Although it is not the first volcano we visit, it is the first active volcano where we reach the top, along with the small ones, which are large enough to be aware of what we are doing. At the same time, it is the first time we see the crater of an active volcano in all its splendor, and not just any, but one of the largest active craters in the world, with a diameter of 1.6 km.

Moreover, such a visit is a lesson for those who continue the education of the little ones beyond kindergarten / school or for those who do any kind of worldschooling / unschooling / homeschooling and, of course, for adults passionate about nature, geology and geography. .

As we have already told you, our adventure started in the Alajuela area, where we spent the first 2 days, until we were about on the spindle. After flying and traveling for 26 hours until we reached our destination, we found a place to spend the night near the airport and began to get to know Costa Rica, the place that will host us in the coming weeks. And then we moved to the Central Volcanic Cordillera area, in the Poas massif.

I like shrimp and avocado together, because I think the citrus flavors of both work perfectly together. And with mango salsa, you get a note of sweetness that envelops everything. It's a light and fresh twist of the classic!

What a perfect addition to Margarita Monday's agenda! These quesadillas are spicy, cheesy, agitated and, if you haven't caught on, are delicious. The margarita mixture adds a very good citrus flavor, hard to beat!

#SpoonTip: Find the best tequila to go with your margarita quesadillas!