Snow White cake

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It was:

I mixed the eggs with a pinch of salt, sugar, vanilla sugar and lemon peel until they became creamy. (2-3 minutes)

I poured the oil into a thin wire, mixing well with a whisk.

Over the egg composition I added the milk at room temperature and the ammonia quenched in lemon juice.

I mixed well and started to gradually add flour.

When it thickened enough, I added flour to the work table and kneaded until I obtained a soft, non-sticky and easy to spread dough.

I divided the dough into 4 equal pieces.

With the help of a twister I spread thin sheets on the back of the tray which I pricked from place to place with a fork.

I baked each sheet until lightly browned.


I put the milk on the fire until it reached the boiling point.

I mixed the flour with the starch, sugar and lemon peel.

I poured the hot milk into a thin thread, stirring vigorously with a whisk so as not to form lumps.

I put the cream on low heat, stirring constantly until it thickens.

I took the cream off the heat, added the lemon juice and vanilla sugar and mixed well until I got a homogeneous cream.

Chilled cream, at room temperature I mixed it for a few seconds.

I added spoonful of soft butter over the cream and mixed well until I got a fluffy cream.


Sheet / cream / sheet / cream / sheet / cream / sheet.

I covered the cake with foil and let it cool until the sheets softened. (Preferably 1 day)

I melted the white chocolate with the whipped cream and then I glazed the cake.

I cooled the cake again until the icing hardened.

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